Your Quick Introduction to 42matters’ App Audience Finder

We have sampled millions of mobile users worldwide and assembled a graph of users and apps they use. These users are identified by anonymous advertising ids provided by Android/iOS – also know as app-user graph.


42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder


With our technology, if you’re advertising a service similar to Airbnb, you can now get a list of users that actually use Airbnb and target them on Facebook, instead of running several rounds of experiments to find out how to define your target audience with demographics and interests.

It’s not just for mobile ad campaigns

When you export audiences to Facebook and do your campaigns there, Facebook would match these anonymous ids against all their users. So your exported audiences could be employed in all kinds of campaigns and all kinds of placements, ranging from web traffic ads on desktop feed to app install ads on Instagram app.

You get to pick which apps’ users you want to target

For example, you could create an audience with users having either Skyscanner or KAYAK. In addition, based on what you’re going to advertise, our algorithms will give you suggestions on which apps to pick.

42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder

Integrated with Facebook

With one click, you could export the defined audience to Facebook (as a custom audience). Our system will also create a 1% lookalike from the exported audience to broaden the reach.

42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder

You could then use these audiences in your campaign targeting and trim them further with Facebook’s audience filters like location, demographics, or interests.

42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder

You may also use the audience insights from Facebook to examine the exported custom audience.

42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder

Download advertising ids in a file

You may dump a defined audience and download the ids: you could activate them on your partner DSPs or integrate them with your own ad servers.

42matters iOS and Android App Audience Finder


Exporting to Facebook is in free beta. In this phase, you could export as many audiences as you want and create ads with them. After the beta phase is over, the audiences you exported in beta phase remain free to be used.

Dumping user ids is one-time chargeable, and the dumps can be downloaded any time.

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