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Most Common SDKs for British Apps

The following shows which SDKs are most used by United Kingdom app publishers. To find out which apps integrate the following SDK use our App Market Explorer. We have also aggregated the worldwide Top Ad Network SDKs and other categories.

1 icon Google Firebase

70% of apps from British publishers have Google Firebase integrated. In total 25,658 apps. Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform SDK that gives app builders the ability to develop their apps faster, without worrying about infrastructure. It includes functionalities like analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting so developers can move quickly and focus on their users.

2 icon Firebase Cloud Messaging

53% of apps from British publishers have Firebase Cloud Messaging integrated. In total 19,425 apps. Firebase Cloud Messaging is a cross-platform messaging solution developed by Google that lets app developers reliably deliver messages at no cost. With Firebase Cloud Messaging, app developers can notify a client app that new email or other data is available to sync, and drive user re-engagement and retention with notification messages.

3 icon OkHttp

48% of apps from British publishers have OkHttp integrated. In total 17,804 apps. OkHttp is an open source project designed to be an efficient HTTP client. It's also easy to use. OkHttp’s request/response API is designed with fluent builders and immutability. It supports both synchronous blocking calls and async calls with callbacks.

4 icon gson

39% of apps from British publishers have gson integrated. In total 14,272 apps. Gson is a Google-developed Java library that app developers can leverage to convert Java Objects into their JSON representation, and vice versa. It works with arbitrary Java objects, including pre-existing objects of which developers do not have the source-code.

5 icon ZXing

26% of apps from British publishers have ZXing integrated. In total 9,435 apps. ZXing – also known as “zebra crossing” – is an open-source, multi-format barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with ports to other languages. It supports 1D product, 1D industrial, and 2D barcodes.

6 Google Maps

25% of apps from British publishers have Google Maps integrated. In total 9,361 apps.

7 icon Firebase Crashlytics Fabric

25% of apps from British publishers have Firebase Crashlytics Fabric integrated. In total 9,351 apps. Fabric Crashlytics is the most powerful, lightest weight crash reporting SDK on the market. App developers that leverage Fabric Crashlytics are able to spend less time finding crashes and more time fixing them.

8 icon Glide

25% of apps from British publishers have Glide integrated. In total 9,063 apps. Glide is an open source media management and image loading framework for Android that supports fetching, decoding, and displaying video stills, images, and animated GIFs. Glide includes a flexible API that developers can plug in to almost any network stack.

9 icon Google Ads AdMob

25% of apps from British publishers have Google Ads AdMob integrated. In total 9,052 apps. Google Ads AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that enables users to monetize their mobile applications via in-app advertising. AdMob is based on the Google Mobile Ads SDK and serves over 200 billion ad requests a month, with over 1 million advertisers and 1 million apps currently running on the AdMob mobile ad network.

10 Google Ads AdMob Mediation Adapters

24% of apps from British publishers have Google Ads AdMob Mediation Adapters integrated. In total 8,958 apps.

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