Grow Your Pipeline, Boost Sales with Mobile App Intelligence

Whether you operate a mobile ad network, offer a suite of SDKs, or sell other products or services in the mobile app ecosystem, the 42matters Explorer offers leads for 2.6 million app publishers, responsible for 14+ million apps, including email, web, and physical addresses. This will enable you to:

  • Grow your pipeline with leads exported in CSV.
  • Find new publishers with immediate access to the app ecosystem – no coding required.
  • Conduct app market research.
  • Monitor apps and publishers.

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Thousands of App Metrics for Advanced Filtering

Browse all 14+ million published and unpublished apps on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Filter apps by:

  • Developers
  • Ratings
  • Categories
  • Downloads
  • SDK
  • Permissions
  • Country
  • Language
  • And more!
Thousands of App Metrics for Advanced Filtering

Export App Publisher Leads Into Simple CSV

Since the 42matters Explorer tracks over 2.6 million app publishers — including their email, web, and physical addresses — you can use it to generate app publisher leads. Filter leads by:

  • Total downloads, so you can focus on the most popular apps.
  • Downloads by country, so you can identify customers in your target markets.
  • And more!
Export App Publisher Leads Into Simple CSV

Enrich Your Leads via our APIs

We’ll help you set up API-powered lead enrichment. By cross-referencing the leads in your CRM platform with data from 42matters — and importing all relevant data — you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of your target customers.

Enrich your leads with publisher details, app insights, localization information, and more. Use 42matters’ app and SDK filters to:

  • Qualify prospects based on their current tech stack, country availability, language, etc.
  • Define your ideal prospect by analyzing apps that use similar SDKs.
  • Identify apps that match your ideal prospect and automate your sales operations.
Enrich Your Leads via our APIs

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Identify which apps use your competitors’ SDKs. Determine which categories, verticals, or regions they’re targeting. Export this data as an Excel or Google Sheets report for additional analysis. Calculate competitor market share and see where they’re having the most success. Track which apps have recently installed your competitors’ SDKs.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Access 42matters' Publisher Insights However You Like

  • Explorer: Visually explore and export publisher details for any iOS or Android app.
  • App Watchlist: Track and benchmark any iOS or Android apps on a single, unified dashboard.
  • APIs: Programmatically pull publisher leads.
  • File Dumps: Download complete publisher data and statistics and ingest them into your own system for further analysis.

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