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Find the right apps faster

Filters for every piece of data

With the Explorer’s powerful search engine you find apps faster. Our variety of filters ranges from title and developer, to categories, SDKs, ranks, and more.

Customizable results

Chop and change the columns displayed to show the results that matter the most to you.

Powerful sorting

Combine as many filters as you like to drill down into the data and precisely identify apps of interest.


Get a better understanding of apps

Mobile SDKs integrated & permissions used

Take a deeper look inside each app to see which SDKs are integrated and which permissions are used.

Meta-Data on the stores

View all available metadata for each app. Need to use it? Simply export the data as a CSV or through our API.

Competitors' Apps

How are your competitors placed? Use the Explorer to monitor their apps movements and get a closer look at the technologies they’re using.


Get high-quality leads

Emails & Contacts

To help speed up your sales process, we provide app store & additional verified emails for developers ready to hear from you.

Company Information

Need to find the developers location? We provide the postal address of each developer.

Export as CSV & API integrations

Upload your results from the Explorer directly into your CRM or use our API for a direct integration.

How our customers are using our Explorer

The Explorer makes prospecting for leads within the app markets a breeze, significantly reducing the time it takes to find your next potential customer. Our customers use the Explorer to identify apps most likely to need their services, and receive the contact details of the relevant developers.


Every iOS and Android app is scanned using our SDK analysis technology to provide our customers with an up-to-date view of which SDKs are present within individual apps as well as the total SDK coverage across the app markets.


Is your brand being used within the app market without permission? With the Explorer, you can search for your brand name within app titles, descriptions, websites, and email addresses. Our customers use the Explorer to quickly identify apps misusing their brands, and directly get in touch with the offenders.


With the Explorer, you can monitor the rank history, ratings, downloads, and reviews of an individual app to keep track of its movement and changes within the app market. Our customers are monitoring the performance of their own apps, while keeping an eye on their competition.


Looking to promote your app, but not quite sure where to begin? With the Explorer, you can improve your marketing spend by finding apps with a similar audience to yours. Our customers find the average audiences of their apps, and then search for apps by audience segment to create a list of suitable apps to advertise within.


We make it simple for you

1. Collect

Our system is constantly collecting millions of data points across the web and through partners on a global level.

2. Analyze

Our team of data scientists then work their algorithms to organise the data and generate insights.

3. Deliver

We then deliver the data and insights through our API and easy to use Explorer.

Powerful features everyone can use


Mobile SDK analysis

Every iOS and Android app is scanned to provide an up-to-date view of which technologies are used within each app as well as the SDK coverage across the markets.

App details

App details

We provide detailed information for every app, which includes its name and description, categories, pricing details, ratings and downloads, release dates, content localization and more.


Emails & Contacts

The Explorer provides contact and email address details for every developer, so you can discover the right contacts and improve your outreach process.

Company info

Company information

Search for apps by company name or alternatively view the company details behind each app. The Explorer allows you to view the app developers company name, country and street address.

Search by website

Leads by website domain

Looking to find apps associated with a particular domain? With the Explorer you can search using website or email domains and get back a list of associated apps.

Filter by languages

Filter by languages and countries

Our app market data is global, allowing you to filter your searches by country & language availability. Easily display, which countries & languages apps are both available and not available in.

CSV export

Export to CSV

With the Explorer you can export your search results as a CSV. Customize columns displayed to either export all available data on each app or a curated subset.

Saved searches

Saved searches

Once you’ve found the apps you’re looking for you can save your search. The Explorer allows you to create and save multiple search queries that can be run at any point.


Alerts   Beta

Keep up with rapid changes in the app markets with alerts. Whether tracking trending apps, updates or app rank movements, the Explorer can alert you when important shifts in the markets occur.



Search for apps by user demographics and interests. The Explorer incorporates our App Audience data so you can discover important audience segments for each app.

Top charts

Top charts & rankings

See how your app is ranked compared to your competitors. We provide over 88’000 daily top charts so you can closely monitor the rise and fall of the apps most important to you.


Reviews   Coming soon

We collect and display app reviews within the Explorer, giving you complete flexibility to monitor and report the reviews of yours and your competitors apps.

Get Free Support

We offer free email support to all our customers, with the 42matters team glad to provide you prompt, professional support. We’re here to help.


Frequently Asked

What do I get in the free version? For how long?

When you sign up for a 42matters account you have 14 days to try the Explorer for free. This free version offers a limited set of features, with some features only available on larger, paid plans. A free account allows you to use the visual browser, and filter by meta-data. Pricing plans can be found here.

Who is a typical user of the Explorer?

The Explorer has an unlimited number of use cases, but is mostly used by sales teams, mobile advertisers, market researchers, app developers, SEO marketers, app vendors and many more. Check out our video tutorial to using to the tool here.

What happens when I click "export"?

Anyone with a Professional, Growth or Enterprise subscription plan is able to export leads. When you export, you will receive a CSV file by email that can be opened with Excel® (or another compatible program). The file includes the app meta-data and more (e.g. emails, ratings, SDKs) as configured by you.

How do you source developer contacts?

We work with several partners to provide high quality developer contacts that go beyond just support emails. We ensure that developer contacts are accurate and up to date.

Do you plan to support other app stores?

At the moment our biggest focus is on developing new features for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If there is enough demand we will also support other stores. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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