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We help leading companies all over the world leverage app data and insights to build better businesses.

42matters offers a full suite of products and services for App Intelligence and analytics.

With a unique combination of technical and business skills, we provide our customers with thorough analyses of the latest developments in the mobile app market and connected TV (CTV) landscape.

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Andrea Girardello avatar

Andrea Girardello

CEO and Co-Founder

CEO of 42matters, Andrea is an engineer at heart with a strong background in computer science, mainly focused on Mobile and Web technologies. Andrea loves minimalistic design and likes to play retro games.
Andreas Budde avatar

Andreas Budde

CTO and Co-Founder

Co-founder and CTO, Andreas loves crafting applications, releasing them to thousands of people, and making a real impact. At 42matters, he works on technology related to data processing, automation and integrations. He enjoys sports, and loves to cook thai curries, sushi and cheese fondue.
Ivan Delchev avatar

Ivan Delchev

VP of Engineering and Co-Founder

Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Ivan has been building bigger and better applications for over ten years, and occasionally enjoys coding interesting mobile hacks. He reads fantasy, plays tennis, loves his wife and two little daughters and believes in freedom.
Paul Weinberger avatar

Paul Weinberger

CFO and Business Development

CFO of 42matters, Paul has over 15 years of experience in structuring, negotiating and leading Venture Capital transactions. The Austrian enjoys to work hands-on together with great teams and in his spare time he loves doing triathlons.
Gareth Yap 叶明光 avatar

Gareth Yap 叶明光

Head of Sales

Gareth’s an engineer turned sales pro, focused on sales optimization. A passion for entrepreneurship, he’s founded a previous startup and competed in martial arts. In his free time you’ll find him in the gym, trekking, studying German & Chinese or cooking his favourite Indian dishes.
Siniša Sambolić avatar

Siniša Sambolić

Head of Marketing

Sinisa has 15 years of experience in delivering exceptional web projects. His professional focus is in digital marketing, where he loves to implement cutting edge ideas. In his free time, he plays streetball, reads sci-fi, is doing fitness, and takes long walks while listening to some house music.
Kaido Jalast avatar

Kaido Jalast

Head of Web Development

Kaido is passionate about developing Web applications starting from the backend to the front end. In his free time, he likes to try new technology, build personal projects, motorcycle and go hiking.
Tanguy Vivier avatar

Tanguy Vivier

Data Engineer

Tanguy is a young engineer with a growing interest in Data. In his spare time you will find him cooking traditional Japanese & French dishes or playing bass guitar. He also enjoys travelling abroad, swimming, learning about History and browsing memes on Reddit.
Nathan Kläy avatar

Nathan Kläy

Senior BDR & Customer Growth

Nathan believes in the lifelong pursuit of personal and professional development. He has lived in four countries and has a passion for learning about different languages and cultures. In his free time he enjoys cooking, traveling, going to the gym and spending time with family.
Alexandra Silva avatar

Alexandra Silva

Office Assistant

Alexandra is an energetic and positive person who believes that the more we give to others, the more we get in return. In her free time she loves spending time with her family, cooking and watching soccer.
Reinder Heijs avatar

Reinder Heijs

Data Engineer

Reinder is a Data Engineer for 42matters. He likes to build and maintain data pipelines and loves good readable code. Before his coding career, he studied educational sciences and worked as an analyst in various fields. He mostly spends his free time to go into the mountains to have adventures. His favorite sports are running, cycling, and winter skiing.
Alexander Braelow avatar

Alexander Braelow

Content Marketing Manager

Alex is a writer and content creator for 42matters. He loves books, history, technology, classical liberalism, and Michigan football. He believes in the individual and, as John Adams said, that to be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.
Dominique von Atzigen avatar

Dominique von Atzigen

Senior BDR & Account Executive

Dominique completed her Bsc. in Information Science majoring in Digital Business Management. She has lived on three continents (so far) and enjoys working in international setups. In her free time Dominique enjoys making music, DIY-projects and sleeping in.
Volodymyr Berezovskyi avatar

Volodymyr Berezovskyi

Front-End Developer

Vova is responsible for the front-end part of 42matters web apps. He started learning web development since school and enjoys working in a startup atmosphere. His favorite hobbies are pet-projects and cycling.
Alicia Vickery avatar

Alicia Vickery

Business Development Representative

Alicia enjoys working in an international environment. She believes that by having an open mind and taking a different approach, you can find new and improved ways of doing things. In her free time, she likes cooking, exploring nature, and traveling.
Miriam Palomo avatar

Miriam Palomo

Digital Marketing Manager

Miriam is a creative and curious person, enthusiastic about marketing, innovation, and new technologies. In her free time, you'll find her making some music, practicing sports such as running or yoga, and getting to know different cultures.
Patrícia Bernardo avatar

Patrícia Bernardo

UI Designer

Patrícia loves crafting beautiful websites. She likes to spend time with her friends and family, reading about our mind-boggling Universe and watching all the latest good movies and shows.
Marco Zamboni avatar

Marco Zamboni

Junior Software and Data Engineer

Marco is building up the practical experience here at 42matters while trying to finish his MSc in Data Science. He is a problem-solving enthusiast and hard problems are what makes him get out of bed in the morning. In his free time, you might find him enjoying some fiction reading a book.
José Antunes avatar

José Antunes

Data Engineer

José is an aspiring Data Engineer who loves to find new data to scrape and find value in. He is also constantly looking to challenge and improve himself, be it by competing in sports or finding new projects to tackle. You can catch him either adding features to his tools or training.
Yun Wang avatar

Yun Wang

Junior Data Scientist

Yun is a junior data scientist who is interested in data science and in turning data into decisions and insight with different techniques. She likes to refresh her life by learning new things. In her spare time, she enjoys playing GuZheng, a traditional Chinese instrument. Currently, she is trying to learn how to write a novel. Maybe in the future, you could see her novel somewhere online.
Maxime Bonnesoeur avatar

Maxime Bonnesoeur

Data Scientist

Maxime has too many interests to fit in a day. Passioned by the data field, he is always looking for new ways to automate processes and extract insights from data. In his free time, he is preparing for triathlons, hiking, writing, and collecting vinyl and flower shirts.
Panagiotis-Christos Kotsias avatar

Panagiotis-Christos Kotsias

Data Engineer

From machine design to machine learning; Panagiotis is an autodidact Python developer, an ideator, and a go-getter with demonstrated experience in AI-based drug design, robots, and a sounding rocket of the European Space Agency. Panagiotis loves sailing, techno music, and anything EVM-compatible.
Vladyslav Bondar avatar

Vladyslav Bondar

Full-Stack Developer

Vladyslav is a young and motivated developer with clear life goals. He is keen on developing his small web applications and gaining new knowledge in various IT segments. Chess and movies are his beloved ways to clear his mind and rest, and volleyball to keep fit.
Precious Otoobong Akpabio avatar

Precious Otoobong Akpabio

Sales and Marketing Operations Analyst

Precious skillfully blends technology with marketing in his role as an analyst. His proficiency in software tools and passion for continuous improvement makes him a valuable asset in analyzing sales and marketing data to drive business growth. He enjoys sewing, exploring new technology, playing sports, and meeting people.
Hlib Yehorov avatar

Hlib Yehorov

Junior Data Engineer

Hlib is a tech enthusiast who stays updated with the latest tech news and gadget reviews. In his free time, he is dedicated to learning, particularly in Python and data analytics. He has a passion for computer games, and on weekends, he enjoys spending time with friends, often at cafes for board game sessions.
Piotr Golabek avatar

Piotr Golabek

Data Engineer

Piotr is an adept data engineer with four years of experience; he is passionate about everything Linux and open-source. In leisure, he enjoys tinkering with electronics and acrobatics.
Martin Sulír avatar

Martin Sulír

DevOps Engineer

Martin is a DevOps engineer passionate about new technologies, cloud computing, continuous integration, deployment and automation. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, running, hiking or reading good book.
Daniel Lopes avatar

Daniel Lopes

Data Engineer

Daniel is an experienced software engineer and a data enthusiast. With an academic background in distributed systems and data science, he's on a perpetual quest for knowledge. Beyond coding, you'll catch him globetrotting and indulging his love for driving.
Joaquín Murcia Ballesta avatar

Joaquín Murcia Ballesta

Data Engineer

Joaquín is a young Data Engineer with a background in maths. When off-duty, you will find him meditating, doing sports, playing the guitar, or reading a “The Pragmatic Programmer” -ish book. In that specific order.
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Burkhard Feurstein Avatar

Burkhard Feurstein

Burkhard is a Founder and Partner of Gamma Capital Partners, a Vienna-based Austrian VC. He has 40 years of working experience in Corporate Finance and Early Stage Tech Investment.

Kai Millarg Avatar

Kai Millarg

Kai is co-founder and managing partner at Intellion AG, an innovation leader for wireless turn-key logistics solutions. Kai serves in the board of 42matters AG and provides financial expertise to the company.

Uwe Horstmann Avatar

Uwe Horstmann

Uwe is a Co-Founder and Managing Director responsible for investments and deal-flow at Project-A Ventures. He is a regular lecturer in Entrepreneurship at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and Investor / Business Angel in various startups.

Christophe Maire Avatar

Christophe Maire

Christophe is a business angel, founder and advisor of 42matters AG. Christophe has 15 years experience as founder and CEO of technology ventures. Christophe is a well- known entrepreneur in Europe.

Bo Wang Avatar

Bo Wang

One of our co-founders, Bo loves to make new things. He is constantly pushing things around and taking them apart, digging for new possibilities.

Elgar Fleisch Avatar

Elgar Fleisch

Elgar is professor at ETH Zürich and University of St. Gallen. He is a co-founder of several university spin-offs, e.g. Intellion, Synesix, Coguan (online advertising), Amphiro (smart water taps) and Dacuda (mouse-scan technology).

Max Moldenhauer Avatar

Max Moldenhauer

Max is making sure business goes smoothly and is constantly looking for new deals for 42matters. He spends most of his time in the european startup capital Berlin.


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