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Create an account to browse thousands of SDKs integrated on iOS and Android apps. Analyze SDK market share, keep an eye on competitor SDKs, and more!

SDK Explorer

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Receive daily, weekly, or monthly email notifications with key information about iOS and Android SDKs that are relevant to your business.

SDK Explorer

Get Market-Leading Mobile SDK IntelligenceGet Market-Leading Mobile SDK Intelligence

Browse SDK performance metrics, descriptions, IDs, categories, platform availability insights, developer websites, and more.

SDK Intelligence

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See which iOS and Android apps use specified SDKs. Compare SDK publisher lists and use this information to generate segmented app developer leads.

SDK Publisher Lists

View SDK Market Share by App CategoryView SDK Market Share by App Category

See where SDKs have the most market penetration. Browse their top App Store genres and Google Play categories.

SDK Market Share by App Category

Track SDK Installations and RemovalsTrack SDK Installations and Removals

Spot trending SDKs in near real-time. Catch SDKs that are losing market share. Proactively investigate root causes.

SDK Installations and Removals

Monitor SDK Download EstimatesMonitor SDK Download Estimates

See how many downloads an SDK’s installed base receives. View daily, weekly, monthly, and annual downloads.

Monitor SDK Download Estimates

Find Similar SDKsFind Similar SDKs

Our SDK content taxonomy, which is composed of 32 unique SDK categories, makes it easy to browse SDKs that offer similar features and functionalities.

SDK Explorer