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SPaySDK allows develoeprs to define Samsung Pay SDK information, common error codes, and constants. The primary SDK category for SPaySDK is Development Tool. It is integrated in apps on the Apple App Store.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular iOS apps on the integrating SPaySDK are:

  • 中国移动广东 developed by 中国移动广东有限公司 in the Utilities genre
  • 快乐购-新人福利 198元购物红包 developed by 快乐购物股份有限公司 in the Shopping genre
  • 电魂统军令 developed by 杭州电魂网络科技股份有限公司 in the Utilities genre
  • 婕斯jeunesse-全球创富系统第一品牌 developed by Lin Chen in the Health & Fitness genre
  • 流量掌厅-最实用的手机流量掌上营业厅! developed by Raiyi in the Reference genre

Based on the number of iOS apps integrating SPaySDK, it is Not Popular.

In the last six months SPaySDK has fewer new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by iOS apps in the Shopping genre, followed by the News genre.

Similar SDKs include: