SDK BadgesRecognizing the Top Mobile SDKs

As a 42matters SDK Badge recipient, your SDK is among the most popular software solutions in the mobile app market. Time to spread the word! Show off your SDK's success by adding your 42matters SDK badges to your website, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more!

Hidden Gem Q2 2024
Q2 2024

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Rising Star Q2 2024
Q2 2024

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Category Leader Q2 2024
Q2 2024

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Three types of badges
Q2 2024
Q2 2024
Q2 2024

What Are 42matters' SDK Performance Badges?

These badges recognize the top performing mobile SDKs based on the total number of iOS and Android apps that have them in their tech stacks. There are three types of badges:

Category Leader.

To earn this badge, an SDK must be ranked at the top of their category and trusted by leading mobile apps.

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Category Leader badgeCategory Leader badge
Q2 2024
Rising Star badgeBlurred background
Q2 2024

Rising Star.

These badges are awarded to solutions that, while not category leaders, are highly trusted in the market.

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Hidden Gem.

These are awarded to smaller SDKs that nevertheless compete successfully with more widely integrated solutions.

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Hidden Gem badgeBlurred background
Q2 2024

What Are 42matters' SDK Installation Badges?

These badges recognize SDKs for installation milestones.

For example, if an SDK is used by over 1,000,000 apps, they'll receive an SDK Installation Badge that says “Used by 1,000,000+ apps”.

Installation badge screen

Celebrate Your Success: Show Off Your Badges!

Display your 42matters SDK badges on your digital and physical marketing assets. Add them to your website, include them in brochures, and share them on customer-facing platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub.

In addition, your badges will be displayed on your SDK's profile in the 42matters SDK Explorer!

Badge screen
Q2 2024

How to Display Your Badges: The Dos and Don'ts


Permitted Uses of Your SDK Badges

If your SDK has earned a 42matters Performance Badge or Installation Badge, you may republish the badge on your website and social media accounts, provided that it contains a backlink to your SDK's public page on You can see an example of these SDK public pages here.

You may republish and share your aggregated iOS and Android integrations as displayed in your Installation Badge provided that you include a backlink to your SDK's public page on Again, you can see an example of these public pages here.

If you would like to use 42matters' content or data in a manner that is not expressly authorized or prohibited hereunder, you may contact us at Please include your request in the email and we will review it on a case-by-case basis. We will approve or decline your request at our sole discretion. Please note that any permission to use 42matters' content or data that is granted by 42matters may be revoked or modified at 42matters' sole discretion at any time.


Unauthorized SDK Badge Usage

  • Don't be sneaky! If your SDK didn't earn a badge, don't use them. Also, only display badges you actually earned. For example, if you earned a Hidden Gem Badge, don't use a Category Leader Badge.
  • Likewise, unless you get express permission from 42matters (that's us!) and the owner of the SDK, don't display badges awarded to SDKs that you didn't develop.
  • Regarding design, please don't alter, abridge, or otherwise modify any of the badge assets without the express approval of 42matters.
  • Don't screenshot any portion of the 42matters website for any purpose.
  • On a more serious note, you may not resell or otherwise exploit for commercial gain any content or data from the 42matters site except as expressly set forth in these guidelines and / or in accordance with your applicable license.
  • One last thing to keep in mind: If you use an SDK badge in a way that does not align with our usage policy, we reserve the right to revoke the badge.

Any questions about our SDK badges?

If you're unsure of anything just let us know! We'll help you identify which badges you've won, provide you with digital assets to display on you social media profiles, and walk you through the finer points of our usage policy. All you have to do is…

Contact our team!