Open Chat GBT and Other AI Apps Are Storming App Store Top Charts

At this point, you’re probably pretty tired of hearing about OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the AI race is beginning to heat up and app developers have taken note.

Already, thousands of apps have sprung up across app stores promoting their AI-powered products and services. A quick search of Google Play using the keyword “AI” yields some 21,345 results, while the same keyword generates 12,359 results on the Apple App Store.

Of course, many of these apps have likely been using elements of AI and machine learning for quite some time; but with the sudden, ChatGPT-fueled resurgence of public curiosity in AI, app publishers are putting these topics front and center. That is to say, they’re leaning on keywords like “AI,” “Artificial Intelligence,” “Machine Learning,” “ChatGPT,” “Bard,” and others to improve app store optimization (ASO).

Not a bad strategy, as it turns out. Indeed, we searched Google Play’s top charts for the most popular “AI” apps in the United States. We looked at their current U.S. rankings, total global downloads, U.S. downloads in 2023, and U.S. monthly active users (MAU). The results were impressive.

Here’s what we found…

The Top Ranked AI Apps in the United States Are…

Open Chat GBT - AI Chatbot App — MAPLE LABS CO., LTD

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 27th
  • Total Global Downloads: 500,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 51,249 (Open Chat GBT was released just one month ago.)
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: 2,320 (After one month.)

Picsart AI Photo Editor, Video — PicsArt, Inc.

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 211th
  • Total Global Downloads: 1,000,000,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 897,078
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: 3,201,092

Lisa AI Art, Magic Avatar — Convert Software

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 278th
  • Total Global Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 806,841
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: 62,826

Face Dance: AI Photo Animator — Codeway Dijital

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 407th
  • Total Global Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 284,122
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: 97,517

AI Art Generator - Anime Art — Fantasy Dream AI Studio

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 425th
  • Total Global Downloads: 500,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 183,129
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: 14,651

ChatGPT – AI Chat, AI Friend — Now Tech

  • Current U.S. Ranking (February 23, 2023): 430th
  • Total Global Downloads: 10,000+
  • 2023 U.S. Downloads: 3,364 (Chat GPT – AI Chat, AI Friend was released in mid-February.)
  • U.S. Monthly Active Users: Data to come (Chat GPT – AI Chat, AI Friend has been available for less than one month).

Final Thoughts

Perhaps ChatGPT’s greatest achievement is that it made the value of AI eminently tangible. Even folks who aren’t particularly interested in the field, or who aren’t necessarily technically minded, can engage with the platform in meaningful ways — to streamline business practices, improve study habits, etc.

Moreover, whether or not AI chatbots evolve into bedrock technologies analogous to the Google search engine or operating systems like Windows and macOS is almost beside the point. They’ve sparked a new curiosity in the potential of AI; one that is reflected in the surging demand for AI-related mobile apps like those listed above.

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