REPORT: The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022

We’ve released a new report titled The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022!

The report addresses the growing threat of mobile ad fraud and how ad tech companies are beginning to fight back. In particular, it focuses on the rise of app-ads.txt and sellers.json, two ad fraud prevention standards developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022 covers the following topics and trends:

  • The Rise of Mobile Advertising and Mobile Ad Fraud
  • App-ads.txt and Sellers.json
  • App-ads.txt Trends
  • App-ads.txt Top Ad Partners, ‘Direct’ Ad Partners, and ‘Reseller’ Ad Partners
  • Sellers.json Top Authorized Digital Sellers
  • And More!

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