The Hottest Free Mobile Games in the United Kingdom

We analyzed mobile game download trends to identify the hottest free mobile games in the United Kingdom. We found that Aquarium Land, Crowd Evolution!, and Arcade Hole led the way for Android, while Subway Surfers, Stumble Guys, and Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3 came out on top for iOS.

How did we figure this out? We used our app intelligence tools to identify all free iOS and Android games that received more than 1,000 downloads in the United Kingdom over the last 30 days. Then we ranked these apps from most to least downloads. Check it out…

Here’s how the UK’s trendiest Android games have performed over the last 30 days...

1.Aquarium Land by HOMA GAMES
- 30-day Android Downloads in the UK: 1,508,736

2. Crowd Evolution! by Rollic Games
- 30-day Android Downloads in the UK: 987,870

3. Arcade Hole by Rollic Games
- 30-day Android Downloads in the UK: 908,782

And here's how the UK's trendiest iOS games have performed...

1.Subway Surfers by SYBO Games
- 30-day iOS Downloads in the UK: 1,989,176

2. Stumble Guys by Kitka Games
- 30-day iOS Downloads in the UK: 1,919,576

3. Match Masters - PvP Match 3 by Candivore LTD
- 30-day iOS Downloads in the UK: 1,126,043

So far in 2022, downloads for the Android apps have been strong…

Above you’ll find daily UK downloads for the Android apps Aquarium Land (red), Crowd Evolution! (green), and Arcade Hole (blue). In particular, these are downloads from the period between January 1st and July 21st, 2022.

In total, UK residents have downloaded these apps 4,641,132 times since the beginning of 2022.

  • Aquarium Land has 1,721,891 downloads.
  • Crowd Evolution! has 1,919,380 downloads.
  • Arcade Hole has 999,861 downloads.

But downloads for the iOS apps have been even stronger…

As before, the chart above depicts daily UK downloads. Except in this case it's for the iOS games Subway Surfers, Stumble Guys, and Match Masters. It shows downloads from the same period: January 1st to July 21st, 2022.

In total, these apps have been downloaded 16,792,381 times in the UK thus far in 2022.

  • Subway Surfers has 12,279,098 downloads.
  • Stumble Guys has 2,826,708 downloads.
  • Match Masters has 1,686,575 downloads.

Final Thoughts

The mobile game market is dynamic. Apps regularly scale app store rankings only to fall off the next week and never be heard from again. However, some games have staying power. Subway Surfers is a great example. It’s been a dominant force in the mobile game industry for years.

Stumble Guys, which only took off in the UK in early June, is substantially less proven. Aquarium Land is even less so. How they perform going forward is anyone’s guess, but they’re off to a really great start. Only time will tell!

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