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  • App Metadata

    Up-to-date app metadata available in 35 languages.

    With 42matters app market API you can create your own app discovery platform and help your customers find the best fit for purpose apps.

  • App Market Search

    Intelligent search built specifically for apps.

    42matters search algorithms enable you to find all Android and iOS apps that match your specific queries. Integrate this feature within your website and give your customers a better way to search the app markets.

  • Country Availability new

    Find out in which countries an app is available.

    Use our API to find out the region availability of an app. Conduct market research on how developers distribute their apps globally.

  • Google Play Top Charts

    Programmatic access to daily Google Play Top Charts in 50 countries.

    Retrieve the top charts for 50 countries on Google Play.

  • Brand Protection

    Eliminate intellectual property fraud.

    With our advanced query API you can create custom queries to regularly monitor and detect any misuse of your IP in the app markets, ensuring your brand stays protected.

More than just lookup

42matters app market API goes beyond lookup and search, offering a comprehensive feature-set designed to give you the tools to be able to access the app markets like never before.

  • Country Availability new
  • Full app details
  • Look-up
  • Search
  • Google Play Top Charts
  • Advanced Queries
  • Historical App Data
  • App Market Explorer


App Market Explorer

Test the power of our API with the free to use App Market Explorer.

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Available Hits
per month *
3,000 hits 25,000 hits 100,000 hits Need more than 100,000?
Supported Languages 35 35 35 35
Country-specific prices 11 11 11 11
SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support n/a Online Premier SLA
App Market Explorer 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit
Lookup API 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit
42matters Top Apps API 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit 1 hit
Search API 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits
Advanced Query API 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits
Google Play Charts API 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits
Country Availability API
3 hits 3 hits 3 hits 3 hits

* Each request is worth a certain number of hits. Please consult the table above.

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