Audience Data

We understand mobile users by their App-Graph so you can profile, target and more effectively monetize your audience








User Profiling as a Service

Our profiling technology calculates your users demographics and interests based on the apps they have installed, supporting a growing list of segments. Used by our customers for Ad Optimization, Targeting, E-Commerce, Personalization or Audience Insights.

SDK Integration ANDROID™

Our lightweight SDK profiles all your users in real-time.

File Upload ANDROID iOS®

Upload your in-house data and get new insights about your users.

Audience Targeting for Advertisers

Access targeted audiences to reach specific customers to meet your mobile goals.

By Installed Apps ANDROID

Choose users by what apps they have installed. You can also target people that have one of your competitors' app installed.

By Pre-Defined Segments ANDROID

Target users by a growing list of more than 100 different interests.

By Look-Alike Audiences ANDROID

Reach new users who are similar to existing customers or your competitors, and who share the same core characteristics.

Monetization for App Developers

Integrate our SDK and monetize your App with an additional revenue stream. We collect non-personal identifiable data (non-PII) from your app to fuel our mobile audience technology.

Quick Integration ANDROID

Our Android profiler SDK has a tiny footprint (under 40KB), and the integration requires only several lines of code. There’s also no dubious permissions required other than internet access.

Monthly Extra Revenue Without Showing Ads

Maximize your earnings and make additional revenue without showing ads. Up to USD 2.50 for every 1,000 users in your app.

Frequently Asked

What about data protection?

As a Swiss company we are required to comply with the European data protection guidelines. These are the strictest guidelines possible, and no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected from the devices.

Can I find your data in my DMP?

We are currently integrated with several DMPs including Oracle BlueKai, eXelate, Lotame and Adsquare. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Where does the data comes from?

We work with several partners and app-developers who are integrating our technology. We ensure that our data is of high quality and always validated against the highest standards.

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