NEW: Expanded Tencent Appstore Category Insights

We’ve made some improvements to our products! We expanded our Tencent Top Charts insights, including both the Tencent Appstore Top Charts API and Top Charts Explorer. We now provide insight into more Tencent categories, give English translations for Tencent categories, and offer more API search parameters.

Here’s what we cover in this article (click the links to jump to the relevant sections):

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to reach out to our team!

Tencent Appstore Top Charts API and Top Charts Explorer

Alright, let’s look at our Tencent Appstore Top Charts API and Top Charts Explorer. Unsurprisingly, these tools provide insight into the Tencent Appstore’s top charts, enabling you to spot the top trending apps, review historical top chart rankings, and track the performance of key apps over time.

As for what we’ve updated, we’ve done the following:

  • We now provide taxonomical insight for 33 Tencent Appstore categories,
  • We now provide English translations for category titles,
  • And we now offer API search capabilities for category keys.

Tencent Appstore Categories

First up, we’ve enhanced both the Top Charts API and Top Charts Explorer with taxonomical insights from the Tencent Appstore. Now, we provide category insights for 33 total Tencent categories. While before we supported “All Apps” and “All Games” only, we now support an additional 31 categories, including “Education,” “Food,” “Finance,” “Music,” “Puzzle,” and more.

To be clear, we have not begun tracking more apps (we already track the Tencent Appstore in its entirety), we’ve merely ported over Tencent’s taxonomy to enhance the app insights we provide.

To browse the full list of supported Tencent categories, click here.

English and Chinese Category Titles

In addition, while Tencent Categories are in Chinese by default, we’ve added English language translations to enable easier browsing for non-Chinese-speaking audiences and users. These are visible in the Top Charts Explorer next to the original Chinese. In the Top Charts API, you can search the Chinese category names using the category_primary parameter and the English category names using the category_primary_en parameter.

To learn more, check out the API documentation.

Category Key API Search Parameter

Last, for the Tencent Top Charts API, we added a new search parameter that enables users to search for rankings using category keys. See the cat_key description in the API documentation.

If you have questions about these solutions, or any of our other updates, reach out to the team!

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