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Validate App Bundles Across Platforms

Validate App Bundles Across Platforms

Introducing the App Bundle Verifier API! This will enable you to validate the existence of mobile app and game bundles across all platforms supported by 42matters.

We’re closing out 2021 strong, by introducing a number of new features and products. Just last week, for instance, we announced our new Launchpad, User Interface (UI), and App Data Refresh feature. This week, we keep the ball rolling. We’re pleased to announce our brand new App Bundle Verifier API.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this post:

App Bundle Verifier API Overview

The 42matters App Bundle Verifier API enables you to verify the existence of any app ID (bundle IDs, package names, etc.) on all platforms supported by 42matters. This feature is especially helpful for AdTech companies that want to quickly and efficiently find apps on connected TV (CTV) platforms that are associated with specific app identifiers.

The App Bundle Verifier API facilitates bundle verification for CTV app stores like Roku Channel Store, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, LG Content Store, Samsung Smart TV Apps, and Vizio SmartCast Apps. In addition, it works for app stores like Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Tencent MyApp.

Below is an example request for the App Bundle Verifier API, in this case for the ID ‘com.facebook.katana’:

Validate App Bundles.

And here’s an example response:

App Bundle Verifier API verifies app bundles.

As you can see, the ‘com.facebook.katana’ package ID exists on Google Play (playstore), Tencent MyApp (tencent), Amazon Appstore (amazon), and Amazon Fire TV (firetv). However, it does not exist on the Apple App Store (appstore), Apple TV tvOS App Store (tvos), Samsung Smart TV Apps (samsung), Roku Channel Store (roku), LG Content Store (lgtv), or Vizio SmartCast Apps (vizio).

To access the App Bundle Verifier API, you’ll need to subscribe to our Large API plan, which facilitates 200,000 API hits per month. Each request sent via the App Bundle Verifier API requires 20 hits.

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