Reddit Resilience: Strong Performance Amid Controversy

Despite controversies surrounding Reddit's new API pricing policy, Reddit’s mobile apps have performed well in recent weeks.

According to our latest analysis, both the iOS and Android versions of the Reddit app are thriving. This comes despite site-wide protests and pressures surrounding the company’s decision to revise its API pricing policy, increasing costs for third-party apps like Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, and Sync.

We found that Reddit’s…

Reddit's Android Usage Is Up Massively

As noted, Reddit’s mobile apps have shown remarkable resilience amid backlash to their revised API pricing. Just take a look at the Android app’s usage trends:

According to our data, 8,253,396 users logged on to the Android version of Reddit in June 2023. That’s up 42% from January, when just 5,814,185 users logged on to the app. And this doesn’t seem to be a passing trend. Indeed, the app has been growing steadily in recent weeks, as demonstrated by its upward trending downloads.

iOS and Android Downloads Are Also Strong

On the iOS platform, the Reddit app has maintained a steadily increasing download rate. While it peaked at 196,448 downloads on June 22nd, 2023, it has kept up that momentum deep into July.

Similarly, on the Android platform, the app ticked upwards on July 12th. By July 16th, it hit its 2023 high of 136,857 downloads.

A Testament to Reddit's Popularity

The strong performance of the Reddit mobile app amid the ongoing controversy is a testament to Reddit's enduring popularity. Despite the challenges posed by the new API pricing policy, Reddit continues to be a preferred platform for millions of users worldwide to engage in discussions, share content, and connect with communities that share their interests.

42matters will continue to monitor the performance of the Reddit app and provide updates if there are any significant changes or trends.

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