Spain Mobile Game Statistics 2023
Last update: 21 Sep 2023 CET
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Spain Mobile Game Market Statistics 2023 for Android

Which Spanish apps would you like to explore?

Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are home to some of the world’s most successful app developers in Spain. Furthermore, while Inditex – one of Spain’s best known brands – has established itself in the eCommerce world, smaller developers like Baviux and TheMauSoft have cemented their place in the global app market.

In this article, we provide a number of detailed mobile games statistics and insights from the Spain Android game market. We cover a number of topics, including how many Spanish game publishers are active on Google Play StoreGoogle Play, how many mobile games they have released, and how Spanish mobile games have performed compared to the global average. The data is aggregated based on address, meaning only app publishers with valid Spanish addresses listed on Google Play have been considered.

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App Market Overview: Spanish Mobile Games on Google Play

Discover how prevalent Spanish mobile Games and Game publishers are on Google Play StoreGoogle Play. For an overview of the latest stats and insights, visit the pages below!

App Ratings: Spanish Mobile Games

Spanish mobile Games average 3.88
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out of 5 stars.
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How Do Spanish Mobile Game Developers Monetize their Games?

Spanish mobile Game publishers Coin icon monetize their apps in the following ways:

  • 8% of Games must be purchased.
  • 71% leverage mobile advertising.
  • 29% have in-app purchases.

Globally, however, mobile Game publishers Coin icon monetize their apps like so:

  • 4% of Games must be purchased.
  • 72% leverage mobile advertising.
  • 20% have in-app purchases.
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How Many Spanish Mobile Games Are Available on Both iOS and Android?

24% of Spanish mobile Game publishers have released Games on both Google PlayGoogle Play and the iTunesApple App Store.
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The Most Popular SDKs and Android Game Permissions

Explore the most common SDKs and permissions used by Spanish Android Games. Uncover the top trending tools and access requirements within the industry.

Top Spanish Mobile Game Developers Based on Downloads

Discover the Top icon top 10 Spanish mobile Game publishers, based on total global downloads.
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Most Popular Mobile Games: Spain

We’ve ranked the Trophy icon top Spanish mobile Games from the most popular Google PlayGoogle Play categories, including Arcade, Casual, Racing, Action, Simulation, and Strategy. We also looked at Trophy icon the most popular and top grossing Spanish mobile Games overall.

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