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3 Ways Ad Networks Use 42matters to Generate Leads

3 Ways Ad Networks Use 42matters to Generate Leads

Mobile advertising is increasingly one of the hottest markets in the ad industry. In 2018, it was estimated that mobile ad spend globally would hit the $230 billion mark, with an estimated growth rate of more than 20%. In reality, it surpassed even those lofty expectations and reached roughly $283.35 billion – driven by increasing competition amongst ad networks.

Furthermore, by the end of 2019, the worldwide digital ad spend should improve upon 2018’s total by 17.6%. This means total digital ad spend will reach $333.25 billion. As such, for the first time ever, digital advertising is expected to account for roughly half of the global ad market.

Not. Too. Shabby.

Of course, for mobile ad networks, this is old news. They know better than anyone that the market has become substantially more competitive in recent years. And, with no obvious indication that competition is about to slow down, they’re also aware that they’ll need to step up their lead generation processes to remain relevant.

In this article, we’ll go over three ways mobile ad networks can leverage 42matters’ suite of APIs and vast mobile data set to generate new leads and find new mobile app publishers to work with.

1. Define Your Market and Find Leads

Nobody wants to see their pool of potential customers eroded. Nevertheless, increased competition does tend to diffuse demand, resulting in supply-side specialization, wherein suppliers narrow their market focus and cater to discrete customer profiles.

Taking this into consideration, therefore, the first step to crafting a lead generation process is to identify a target market. This means defining an ideal customer profile and crafting a list of customers that match that profile.

The 42matters “App Market Explorer” gives ad networks the ability to craft such a list. By enabling networks to search the entire universe of iOS and Android apps, the “App Market Explorer” offers valuable insight into various verticals and potential markets.

Critically, it makes it possible for ad networks to filter by release date. It gives users the ability to find newly released apps and be the first to get in touch with the publisher about integrating their ad networks.

App Market Explorer for Ad Networks

App Market Explorer: Filtering by Android Apps released in the last 24 hours 

In addition, it allows ad networks to filter by such things as: developer name, category, genre, downloads, chart position, ad sentiment, location permissions, country availability, app ratings, reviews, and even by integrated SDKs.

App Market Explorer: Filter Options

To economize the lead qualification process further, the “App Market Explorer” makes it easy for ad networks to do a quick background check on publishers. By collecting their publication history, it enables ad networks to verify whether or not publishers have a good reputation.

Finally, the “App Market Explorer” provides publisher contact information and any additional fields as csv file with one click. This eliminates unnecessary research efforts from the already overburdened to-do lists of business development representatives. Try the App Market Explorer now with your free trial!

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2. Analyze Competing Ad Networks

Another benefit of the “App Market Explorer” that was briefly touched on in the last section is that it gives ad networks insight into which SDKs apps are leveraging. This is not useful merely because it allows ad networks to more accurately pursue their target market, but because it also gives them insight into their competitors’ footprint.

Indeed, by filtering on the various ad network SDKs leveraged by apps in the iOS and Android stores, users of the “App Market Explorer” can get an idea of their competitors’ market strategies and blindspots.

For example, if an ad network leverages 42matters to filter on all apps that have the AdMob SDK integrated, they can analyze their user base and target those that they believe would be better served by their network.

App Market Explorer: Filter by Apps that use specific Ad SDKs

3. Acquire the Complete 42matters Dataset and Build Your Own APIs

The “App Market Explorer,” as well as our other APIs, are meant to make life easier on businesses that are already stretched thin with day-to-day operations. Still, we do provide options for ad networks that are looking for more custom solutions.

42matters App Dumps - Mobile App Meta Data at Scale

If ad networks want to leverage the data collected by 42matters in their own analysis or APIs, they can do so. We at 42matters will furnish them with our full raw dataset. This will give ad networks complete control over their offering so that they can approach the market on their own terms.

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