Daily App Downloads Statistics - for All Countries and All Android & iOS Apps

High-precision Estimates of Daily App Downloads 

At 42matters we continuously analyze millions of mobile apps available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and infer valuable actionable insights. Our Data Science Team has developed unique Machine Learning algorithms that precisely estimate the number of downloads each published app receives per day. This data allows to easily track the app downloads statistics both per country and globally. Millions of data points are updated on a daily basis in order to provide the latest insights on the app market landscape.

Daily and Monthly Downloads per Country and Globally 

The download estimate data enables the tracking of any app performance on country level and platform level. 42matters covers more than 140 countries, supports the two most-important stores Google Play and Apple App Store and keeps all daily download data historically.

The complete data set is available via our App Market Explorer, APIs or enterprise file download. Contact us for more information.

Up-to-date App Downloads Stats per Country

  • Discover app growth trends by country
  • Track each app performance per country and be the first to discover the fastest growing new apps geographically
  • Benchmark app downloads to get ahead of competition
  • Visually explore app downloads with the help of the Explorer or crunch the data on your own by getting access via API


Country share of app downloads estimates, airbnb for the Airbnb app

Country share of app downloads estimates statistics for the Airbnb app for the month of June 2019


Daily app downloads estimates for the Airbnb app

Daily app downloads estimates statistics per country for the Airbnb app in the last week of June 2019

Where does the data come from?

Our Machine Learning algorithms analyze a spectrum of signals such as ground truth data, ratings, top charts, reviews and many more to produce high-quality estimates of app downloads. Predictions are available for more than 140 countries.

Why do you need this?

If you are an app publisher, ad network, SDK publisher or another professional player in the mobile industry, you can support your data-driven business decisions with clear-cut, large-scope and reliable app download statistics

How to get access?

Contact us to get access to API as well as raw bulk data or via our App Market Explorer