This week, an eagle-eyed member of the 42matters sales team brought it to our attention that YouTube’s iOS app development team has not only explored the edges of the known universe and repaired the space-time continuum, but has also managed to upload even moar cat videos to the platform.

No, we promise we haven’t been hacked. This is a real story!

Check it out. When perusing YouTube’s iOS app developer updates and changelogs, we discovered some rather impressive accomplishments buried in the release notes…

In between run-of-the-mill performance improvements, stability improvements, and bug fixes, the Google team also found time to fix the tubes that bring you videos, take the afternoon off, and drink “way too much” coffee.

Still, after much internal debate here at 42matters, we eventually came to the conclusion that their most impressive achievement was the addition of even moar cat videos — an inexplicable feat in the year 2022.

So, we just wanted to say…

We See You, YouTube Developers!

And we’re all very, very impressed. You may think people don’t read your release notes, but rest assured, we’ll never miss another update.

And, regarding the repairs to the space-time continuum, we just want to tell you good luck; we’re all counting on you.

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