12 Revenue Protection Tips for Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs)

In this article, we go over 12 ways Supply-Side Platform (SSP), ad networks, and other AdTech companies can use mobile and connected TV (CTV) app intelligence to protect revenue. Here’s what we cover:

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3 Ways SSPs Can Protect Revenue via Inventory Management

As an SSP, your inventory is your bread and butter; and in order to offer buy-side businesses like advertisers and DSPs the best possible ROI for their ad spend, you need to build and maintain a robust inventory of high-value mobile apps and publishers.

While identifying new publishers to onboard is a great way to expand available ad space and provide advertisers with more customizable experiences, it’s also critical to properly manage your existing inventory. Indeed, suppose you neglect the apps and publishers you work with in favor of chasing new leads. In that case, you put your inventory at risk of quality erosion, which in turn leads to diminished advertiser trust and subpar revenue.

So, to avoid these pitfalls, follow these three inventory grooming tips:

Tip #1 → Don't Get Blacklisted by DSPs or Advertisers: Make sure publishers list your domain on their app-ads.txt files.

Learn how to use the 42matters Explorer to check for your domain on app publisher app-ads.txt files.

Tip #2 → Monitor SDK Uninstalls: Set daily inventory alerts to spot when publishers remove your SDK.

Learn how to set alerts for changes to your inventory using the 42matters SDK Explorer!

Tip #3 → Address Inventory Gaps: Maximize inventory value by making sure publishers add your SDK across all their apps.

Learn how to use the 42matters App Bundle Verifier API to address gaps in your inventory.

3 Ways SSPs Can Protect Revenue by Combating Churn

Churn is one of the biggest threats to your revenue. This means your customer success managers (CSMs), whose job is to build app publisher loyalty by supporting them as they transition from sales prospects to active users, play a vital role in protecting your business’s revenue.

By equipping them with the app intelligence solutions we offer at 42matters, you can help them fight churn. They’ll be able to spot when customers add competitor SDKs, see when customers list competitor domains on their app-ads.txt files, launch data-informed win-back initiatives, and more.

Here are some tips for how they can proceed:

Tip #4 → Uncover Competitive Threats: See which SDKs your clients install to spot churn candidates before they terminate.

Find out how to use 42matters to detect when customers install competitor SDKs.

Tip #5 → Check on Clients Before Contracts Expire: Assess churn risk via recent SDK installs and app-ads.txt listings.

Find out how 42matters enables you to audit customers whose contracts are up for renewal.

Tip #6 → Boost Retention by Optimizing Win-Back Efforts: Spot competitive threats early, and use data to inform engagement.

Find out how to uncover and export your competitors’ client lists using the 42matters Explorer.

3 Ways SSPs Can Protect Revenue by Optimizing Sales

The sales process presents you with numerous opportunities to fortify your revenue. Boiled down, these consist of onboarding more customers and limiting churn. However, accomplishing this is easier said than done, so we’ve outlined three ways you can get started with revenue protection by using app intelligence to optimize various sales processes.

Here are some tips for how your sales team can protect revenue by emphasizing process optimization:

Tip #7 → Focus on Your Ideal Publisher Profiles (IPPs): Find best-fit apps to boost publisher acquisition.

Learn how to use the 42matters explorer to find app publishers that fit your ideal publisher profiles.

Tip #8 → Don’t Neglect Onboarding: Use app-ads.txt and other insights to ensure new clients add your lines.

Learn how to monitor app publisher onboardings using app-ads.txt data from 42matters.

Tip #9 → Don’t Let Competitors Poach Your Inventory: Spot patterns in churn and address them head-on.

Learn how to use 42matters to uncover competitive threats and spot patterns in churn.

3 Ways SSPs Can Protect Revenue via Competitive Intelligence

The mobile advertising space is extremely competitive. This means your revenue is always in jeopardy, whether from rival SSPs, emerging technologies, or the inability to address app publisher concerns and objections adequately.

To guarantee the success and competitive excellence of your platform, you need the best app market research tools available. With 42matters, you can benchmark competitor solutions, track threats to your market share, create detailed product collateral, and make data-informed roadmapping decisions—all of which contribute to robust, churn-proof installed bases.

Below, we list three ways to use 42matters for securing your revenue. We focus on how SSPs have used our data to optimize data collection, sales and marketing, and win-loss analysis.

Here are three tips:

Find out how to fit the 42matters SDK Explorer into your workflow for competitor SSP research.

Tip #11 → Equip Sales and Marketing With Better Data: Provide detailed collateral and intelligence for outbound campaigns.

Find out how to build better audiences for outbound campaigns with 42matters.

Tip #12 → Enhance Win-Loss Analysis: Use data to assess threats, understand churn, and contextualize wins and losses.

Find out how to add context to your win-loss analyses with 42matters.

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