Top App Monetization SDKs Nov ‘23: Stripe Overtakes Google4 min read

Top app monetization SDKs November 2023: Stats & trends for the top Ad Network SDKs, Ad Mediation SDKs, Attribution SDKs, Payment & Commerce SDKs.

CTVAd Tech

Fire TV is the Fastest Growing CTV App Store in the World5 min read

Top CTV app stores in October 2023. Roku remains the leader, but Fire TV is the fastest growing store. Google TV falters, while Apple TV holds steady.

What Is Sellers.json? Examples, Use Cases, and How It Works13 min read

What Is Sellers.json? Learn about sellers.json files, sellers.json vs ads.txt, sellers.json examples, and more. How app developers, DSPs, and others can use it.

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Roku Advertising: Grow Your Roku TV Advertising Inventory16 min read

Roku advertising: tips and best practices for filling your Roku TV advertising inventory. Enhance CTV advertising and OTT advertising with Roku apps.

What Are IAB Categories? IAB Content Taxonomy & Its Uses11 min read

What are IAB categories? We cover the IAB Content Taxonomy, why it's important, and ways app developers, demand-side platforms, and other businesses can use it.

Top SDK Awards 2023: Top App Monetization & Advertising SDKs5 min read

Introducing 42matters’ SDK Badges! 42matters awards the top mobile SDKs for app monetization and advertising integrated in OS and Android apps.

Let’s Discuss AdTech SDK Intelligence at DMEXCO 2023!5 min read

We’ll be at DMEXCO 2023! If you’re attending, we’d love to talk to you about AdTech and the leading Ad Network, Ad Mediation, and Attribution SDKs.

The Top Ad Networks to Meet at DMEXCO 20235 min read

DMEXCO will host top ad networks like Meta,, Criteo, Tappx, etc. Read the article for the list of demand-side SDKs heading to DMEXCO 2023.

Top App Monetization SDKs August 2023: AppLovin Wins Big5 min read

Top app monetization SDKs August 2023: Stats, trends, insights for the top Ad Network SDKs, Ad Mediation SDKs, Attribution SDKs, and Payment and Commerce SDKs.

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Top CTV App Stores August 2023: Fire TV Growth Plummets5 min read

Top CTV app stores in August 2023. Fire TV plummeted in August, while Roku lagged in terms of new publisher growth. Learn more about Apple TV & Google TV.

CTVAd Tech

What Is a Set Top Box: Set Top Box Advertising and More16 min read

What is a set top box? What is set top box advertising? How STBs fit into the connected TV (CTV) landscape and how they can be used to host CTV ads.

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NEW: Explore the Roku Channel Store with 42matters8 min read

The 42matters Explorer now supports the Roku Channel Store! Research the connected TV (CTV) market, generate CTV leads, and enhance CTV ad targeting.

NEW: IAB Categories File Dumps Now Support Content Taxonomy 3.03 min read

We’ve extended our IAB Categories file dumps. Now they support the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Content Taxonomy 3.0! Here’s how Ad Networks benefit.

Ad Tech

Announcing the Top Android Ad Networks Ahead of MWC 233 min read

Looking to meet with leading Ad Networks at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023? These are the six most popular that will be in attendance.

Use CasesAd Tech

7 Ways Ad Networks Can Improve Ad Performance With 42matters’ App Data6 min read

Ad networks can leverage 42matters’ app intelligence to improve mobile and connected TV (CTV) ad performance. In this article, we walk you through seven of the most popular techniques.

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