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Data Enrichment for Mobile and CTV AdTech Companies

Data enrichment is the process of improving data quality to make it more useful and valuable for your business. It entails adding, refining, and enhancing existing data to make it better suited for particular use cases, such as targeting mobile and connected TV (CTV) advertisements and identifying best-fit app publisher leads.

In this article, we briefly discuss how AdTech companies operating in the mobile and CTV industries can benefit from data and lead enrichment and how they can leverage the app intelligence solutions we offer at 42matters to realize these benefits.

Here’s what we cover (click the links to jump to the corresponding section):

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Data and Lead Enrichment for Mobile and CTV AdTech Companies

Mobile and connected TV (CTV) AdTech companies benefit greatly from data enrichment. By gathering, analyzing, and incorporating ultra-precise data tailored specifically to the nuances of the mobile and CTV markets, they can improve the ROI and viewability of each and every campaign, while simultaneously homing in on their ideal publisher profiles (IPPs), identifying new avenues for revenue growth, and more.

In particular, such targeted data enrichment practices give organizations that want to place ads on mobile and CTV apps a deeper understanding of their audiences. This enables both buy-side and sell-side businesses — such as advertisers, demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), etc. — the ability to deliver more personalized and relevant ad content.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the next section, we investigate some of the most common reasons AdTech companies turn to data enrichment.

Data Enrichment Use Cases: Why AdTech Companies Enrich Their Data

Mobile and CTV advertising is a fast-paced industry, and AdTech companies operating in this space need the ability to understand and engage with audiences on a deeper level without sacrificing the agility necessary to adjust to emergent market conditions.

In this context, efficient data enrichment is critical since it offers companies innovative ways to enhance their advertising capabilities, optimize targeting, and ultimately drive better campaign performance.

Here are some ways that AdTech companies operating in the mobile and CTV ad tech space are leveraging data enrichment solutions to stay ahead of their competitors:

  • Data Warehouse Enrichment
  • Data Management Platform (DMP) Optimization
  • App and Publisher Segmentation
  • CTV Inventory Enrichment
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Process Automation

Let’s begin with… 

Data Warehouse Enrichment

Many AdTech organizations leverage mobile and CTV app intelligence tools to enrich their data warehouses. This is especially important with impending changes to platforms like Apple’s iOS, since it ensures resilience and adaptability in targeting mechanisms and processes.

For example, a number of companies that we work with at 42matters use our tools to request metadata for apps based on observed in-app sales transactions. This provides a richer data foundation for future targeting and personalization strategies.

Data Management Platform (DMP) Optimization

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are hyper-focused on delivering supplementary audience data to DSPs. As such, DMPs operating in the mobile and CTV markets are constantly scouting out new ways to enrich their data and help DSPs establish more accurate targeting criteria before placing bids on the available ad inventory within the ecosystem.

To accomplish this, DMPs can do the following. First, they can integrate new metrics that provide additional context about apps and publishers currently in their database. This enhances their ability to assist DSPs in making informed bid decisions and therefore increases the expected ROI for each ad placement. In addition, they can refresh existing data to make sure DSPs are working with the latest and greatest information. This protects against performance degradation and helps DMPs maintain the value they offer to DSPs. 

To give just one example, many DMPs we work with have used our IAB Category APIs to layer in additional taxonomic insights that can be deployed for ultra-precise content-based ad targeting. And, because it's an API, it can be used to programmatically update this information and assure data quality over time.

App and Publisher Segmentation

Unsurprisingly, app segmentation is extremely important in the mobile and CTV ad space. It enables more nuanced and precise targeting by incorporating diverse data points that reveal information related to user behavior, app usage, audience affinities, and more.

At 42matters, we help numerous AdTech companies with their segmentation requirements. While most leverage a number of diverse data sources for particular reasons, they typically use our solutions to enrich their app and publisher data with insight into: app categories, IAB categories, content ratings, age ratings, parental advisories, sensitive permissions, performance metrics (downloads, MAUs, etc.), and more. 

As a result, we help these businesses deliver more personalized and effective ad experiences that drive higher engagement and conversion rates without imperiling brand reputation.

CTV Inventory Enrichment

With the rise of CTV platforms like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, an extra emphasis is being placed on CTV app IDs, like bundle IDs and channel IDs. For AdTech companies, the ability to match apps across multiple mobile and CTV app stores enables straightforward multi-channel ad campaigns. Indeed, by checking if the publishers they already work with have launched CTV offerings, they can seamlessly approach the CTV market and expand their inventories' reach and value.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual targeting is a method used in digital advertising to place ads based on the content of an app or webpage rather than on user behavior or personal data.

By enriching their publisher databases with contextual app intelligence, such as IAB categories, content ratings, user ratings, and review sentiment, advertisers can improve the relevance of their ads and ensure brand safety. This approach enables them to avoid targeting apps unsuitable for the brands they work with (like those aimed at children), enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Data enrichment is vital in improving the quality of bid requests in the RTB space. For example, we provide our customers with programmatic access to app intelligence via APIs that companies can then use to improve the quality of bid requests and their overall RTB strategy.

Process Automation

Automating the process of matching app IDs with app names, metadata, and IAB categories enriches the advertising targeting process and streamlines operations. This optimization can lead to significant efficiency gains, allowing companies to respond more quickly and accurately to market demands.

App validation provides a good example of how data enrichment can improve automation. By incorporating multi-factor app verification techniques (i.e. those that leverage app IDs, publisher details, URLs, signing certificates, and other relevant metrics), AdTech companies can automate the validation process with a high level of confidence that they’ll be able to avoid placing ads on fake apps.

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How Mobile and CTV AdTech Companies Can Enrich Their Data

Okay, data enrichment sounds great, right? But how does it work? Well, the best method depends entirely on what data is most valuable to your business and what you want to accomplish with the data you collect.

That said, for AdTech organizations operating in the realm of mobile and CTV apps, the easiest and most fruitful route is to invest in app intelligence solutions like the ones we offer at 42matters. These can be used to audit the mobile and CTV app ecosystems at an extremely granular level for ad targeting, lead generation, and a variety of other purposes such as those listed in the preceding section.

For example, many DSPs, SSPs, and ad networks use our APIs and file dumps to programmatically access data from 20+ million apps across 12 leading mobile and CTV app stores. Our solutions provide detailed insight into Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Tencent Appstore, Huawei AppGallery, and CTV app stores like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung, Vizio, and LG. They offer intelligence on:

  • App Details: Metadata, app IDs (i.e. bundle IDs, store IDs, etc.), etc.
  • Publisher Details: Names, contact details, country of origin, etc.
  • Taxonomical Insights: Categories, genres, and IAB categories.
  • Tech Stack Insights and Technical Specifications: SDKs, permissions, and required device capabilities.
  • Localization Insights: Country availability and language options.
  • Compliance Insights: App-ads.txt, age rating, privacy policy, advertising, sensitive permissions, etc.
  • And much, much more!

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The Benefits of Data Enrichment for Mobile and CTV Advertising

To wrap up, we’d like to put a finer point on how data enrichment enhances mobile and CTV advertising. In particular, we’ll focus on the following three things:

  • Ad Spend ROI
  • Ad Viewability
  • New Areas of Revenue Growth

Let’s handle these one by one.

Ad Spend ROI

Data enrichment plays a pivotal role in elevating the efficacy and precision of mobile and CTV advertising campaigns. By enhancing existing app and publisher data with relevant information and metrics, advertisers, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) can more efficiently tailor their strategies for buying and selling ad spots.

By integrating the app intelligence outlined above into their existing databases, these businesses can leverage a more nuanced understanding of apps and publishers to craft highly personalized and relevant advertising experiences. This ensures that ads are not only more engaging to the audiences that see them, but also that they’re presented in contextually appropriate environments. In turn, this results in better campaign KPIs like Cost Per Mille (CPM) and Return on Investment (ROI).

Ad Viewability

Ad viewability refers to how visible an ad is to users. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an ad is considered to have been “viewed” when at least 50% of the creative has been displayed on a user’s screen for more than one second. This is an important metric for advertisers as it represents the proportion of ads genuinely visible to the intended viewers.

From the perspective of advertisers and DSPs, ad viewability translates to more conversions. For SSPs and mobile app publishers, it translates to more valuable (and thus desirable) ad space. In both cases, having more data on hand about apps, publishers, and audiences means more revenue. As with ad spend ROI, this is the end result of more resonant ad placements and ad targeting optimization.

New Areas of Revenue Growth

That said, data enrichment extends its benefits beyond merely enhancing ad performance; it also opens doors for uncovering fresh avenues for revenue expansion. For example, by analyzing a wider array of data points, SSPs and DSPs can generate app publisher leads by identifying apps with similar profiles across a broader range of metrics.

For example, by incorporating the IAB’s content taxonomy into their databases, SSPs and DSPs can analyze app content at a more granular level than if they were to use the standard app store categories and genres only. Since IAB categories are more precise than native app store taxonomies, they can use them to zero in on new app publisher leads that best fit their ideal publisher profiles (IPPs). This in turn opens up more growth opportunities and downstream revenue potential.

If you’d like to learn a little more about 42matters’ app intelligence solutions and how they can be deployed by AdTech companies across the mobile and CTV market, we recommend checking out these articles:

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