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Let’s Discuss AdTech SDK Intelligence at DMEXCO 2022!

Banner image: ©Koelnmesse Our team will be in Cologne, Germany from September 21st - 22nd, attending DMEXCO 2022 [], Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech event. While it will undoubtedly play host to countless conversations on the most important issues facing the industry, we at 42matters are particularly excited to discuss AdTech and the growing importance of SDK intelligence. Indeed, Ad Networks SDKs like Google Ads ... Read more

COPPA, GDPR-K, UK’s Children’s Code: What Are They? And How to Be Compliant?

Ad Tech

COPPA was designed to foster secure digital environments for kids. Here’s what Ad Tech companies need to know about the regulation to stay COPPA compliant.... Read more

Let’s Discuss Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence at DMEXCO 2022!

From September 21st - 22nd, our team will be in Cologne, Germany attending DMEXCO 2022, Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech event.... Read more

Meet the 42matters Team at DMEXCO 2022!

We’re heading to Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (DMEXCO) 2022. If you want to discuss how mobile and connected TV (CTV) app intelligence can help AdTech, lead generation, and cyber security, set up a meeting with our team!... Read more

SDK Intelligence: What It Is and How to Get It

SDK intelligence refers to data about mobile software development kits (SDK) and the broader SDK landscape. In this blog post, we go over the following (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): * What Is SDK Intelligence? * How to Find SDK Intelligence for Any iOS or Android App * Access iOS and Android SDK Intelligence With the 42matters SDK Explorer * SDK Metadata * The Top Apps That Integrate Each SDK * SDK Market Share by Ca... Read more

Streaming Wars: The Top Mobile Video Streaming Apps

Digital streaming apps have been in the news a lot recently. So, with the streaming wars gaining momentum, we used our app intelligence solutions to analyze the top Android mobile video streaming apps on the market. In addition, we discuss the impact of two major releases on the streaming landscape — the meteoric rise of Squid Gameand the arrival of Denis Villeneuve’s Duneon HBO Max. Here’s what we cover (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): * The Top Mobile Video Stream... Read more

Top Android Mobile SDKs by Category in 2021

The mobile app and game economy is well on its way to becoming a trillion dollar industry. According to some estimates, it’s currently on pace to generate over 935 billion U.S. dollars [] in global revenue in 2023. This success would not be possible, however, without the industry’s robust landscape of mobile software development kits (SDKs). With this in mind, we’ve leveraged our app intelligence tools to identify the top Android mobile SDKs by category. Here’s what we co... Read more

Inventory Partner Domain Sharing for Connected TV Apps

Ad Tech CTV

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released guidance for ads.txt and app-ads.txt inventory partner domain sharing for the connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) landscape. In this blog post, we recap app-ads.txt and briefly explain inventory partner domains. We also explain why ads.txt and app-ads.txt, in their current iterations, are inadequate for navigating advertising in the CTV and OTT market, and how our solutions at 42matters can help. Here’s what we cover (click the links ... Read more

G2 Fall 2021 Report: 42matters Explorer Named High Performer in ‘Mobile Analytics’ and ‘Mobile App Analytics’

The 42matters Explorer [], a leading app intelligence tool providing insight into more than 15 million published and unpublished apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, was named a High Performer in ‘Mobile Analytics’ and ‘Mobile App Analytics’ in G2’s Fall 2021 Report []. 42matters is a provider of mobile app data and app store insights, offering a unique arsenal of app intelligence solutions. These include APIs, fil... Read more

Top 5 Hyper-Casual Mobile Games in 2021

We’ve leveraged our app intelligence solutions to identify the top five hyper-casual mobile games in 2021 based on downloads. We then compared these gaming apps using our analytics tools. Hyper-casual games have long dominated global app stores — and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Indeed, mobile games now generate nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue. This represents approximately 57.2% of the global gaming market []. What’s more, accord... Read more

Best Google Play App and Game Categories in 2021

Ad Tech Gaming Explorer

We’ve analyzed the best Google Play categories based on current download trends, including the five most upward and downward trending app and game categories as of August 15th, 2021. Google Play offers nearly 3.4 million mobile apps and games. Moreover, an average of approximately 1,700 new apps are added every day. As such, app developers are constantly struggling to get their products in front of their target consumers, making app and game categories an indispensable tool for developers and u... Read more

The State of the App Economy and App Markets in 2021

Ad Tech Sales & Marketing

Speaking at the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado, a 28-year-old Steve Jobs described a future in which consumers could purchase and download the software directly from their computers. 25 years later, in 2008, Apple launched the Apple App Store, Google launched Google Play (née Android Market), and the mobile app economy was officially introduced to global markets. In this article, we take a measuring stick to the mobile app landscape, analyzing where it stands 13 years a... Read more

iOS 14, IDFA: How Apple Changed Mobile Advertising Overnight

This past June, at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple made a startling revelation. The iOS 14 mobile operating system would kill the Apple IDFA… sort of. According to Apple, the iOS 14 will come with new privacy features, requiring consumers to opt-in for permission to be tracked via their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Those who do not opt-in will no longer receive targeted advertisements that leverage IDFA data. This move is of great consequence to the world of mobil... Read more

How to Get App Insights for App Analysis

One of the more common questions that we at 42matters receive is whether it’s possible to get app insights for app analysis. The answer, of course, is yes! The 42matters Explorer [] — along with our catalog of useful APIs and file dumps — delivers everything from download statistics to technical insights. Our data, which is refreshed daily, is based on a comprehensive analysis of: * 3,385,076 [] A... Read more

10 Ways Ad Networks Use 42matters App Data to Improve Ad Performance

Use Cases Ad Tech

Advertising is a critical source of revenue for mobile app publishers. Indeed, businesses built on mobile apps often live and die by the quality of the advertisements their apps serve up. Consequently, ad networks that compete to provide these ads are equally concerned with generating the best possible ad experiences. By leveraging 42matters’ app data – such as app insights, IAB app classification, audience data, and more – ad networks can bolster the quality of their offerings. In this articl... Read more

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