Top App Monetization SDKs Nov ‘23: Stripe Overtakes Google

Stripe has overtaken Google Play In-app billing as the second most widely-integrated Payments and Commerce SDK behind just Apple StoreKit In-App Purchases. However, Google still dominates all Ad Network and Ad Mediation SDKs and AppsFlyer remains the leading Attribution SDK.

Welcome to the November 2023 edition of our app monetization SDK roundup! Here, we cover trends among the top Ad Network SDKs, Ad Mediation SDKs, Attribution SDKs, and Payment and Commerce SDKs. Come here for monthly updates on the top performing SDKs, leading SDK developers, installation trends, and more!

Here’s where things stand this month (click the links to jump to the corresponding section):

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Ad Network SDKs: Google Ads AdMob dominates the field

To kick things off, let’s look at where things stand among the top Ad Network SDKs. Google Ads AdMob remains the top option here, with 1,491,325 iOS and Android installations

However, this number is actually down from the SDK’s August total of 1,658,309 app installs. 

Here’s the complete list:

  • Google Ads AdMob: 1,491,325 installations
  • Facebook Audience Network: 419,152 installations
  • Unity Ads: 321,072 installations
  • AppLovin MAX: 244,764 installations
  • ironSource: 154,695 installations
  • Startapp: 140,225 installations
  • AdColony: 117,021 installations
  • Vungle: 84,719 installations
  • Pangle ByteDance TikTok UnionAD: 79,593 installations
  • Chartboost: 63,239 installations

Ad Mediation SDKs: Google also dominates the mobile ad mediation space with Google Ads AdMob Mediation Adapters

Google’s dominance extends to ad mediation as well. While the AdMob offering tops the field among ad networks, the Google Ads AdMob Mediation Adapters SDK leads the way among ad mediation solutions. It’s installed on 1,366,497 iOS and Android apps, which, while less than August’s total of 1,533,014, is nevertheless roughly six times the number of installs for the next closest SDK.

Here’s the complete list:

  • Google Ads AdMob Mediation Adapters: 1,366,497 installations
  • AppLovin Mediation Adapters: 229,557 installations
  • ironSource Mediation Adapters: 133,771 installations
  • Chartboost: 63,239 installations
  • InMobi Mobile Ads: 59,474 installations
  • DT Exchange by Digital Turbine: 35,741 installations
  • Criteo Publisher: 13,380 installations
  • Appodeal: 13,104 installations
  • MoPub Mediation Adapters: 8,177 installations
  • TopOn Mediation: 4,988 installations

Attribution SDKs: AppsFlyer leads among all attribution SDKs

Moving on, let’s look at the top attribution SDKs. Here, AppsFlyer takes the top spot. It’s installed on 120,753 total iOS and Android apps, down roughly 5,000 from August’s total of 125,507. While this number gives AppsFlyer a healthy lead, competition for the next spot is a little stiffer.

Here’s the complete top ten:

  • AppsFlyer: 120,753 installations
  • Adjust: 74,593 installations
  • Branch - Tune: 70,153 installations
  • myTracker: 15,814 installations
  • Tenjin: 10,775 installations
  • Kochava Tracker Free App Analytics: 6,658 installations
  • Singular: 5,896 installations
  • Soomla Traceback Ad Quality by ironSource: 3,701 installations
  • ByteBrew: 1,512 installations
  • Tune - HasOffers: 1,061 installations

Payment and Commerce SDKs: Stripe overtakes Google Play In-app billing

To close, let’s look at the top Payments and Commerce SDKs. Apple StoreKit In-App Purchases leads the way with 955,154 total installations. This number is up from August, when the SDK was installed on 930,749 apps. However, Stripe is the real story here, as it officially moved ahead of Google Play In-app billing.

Check it out, here’s the full list:

  • Apple StoreKit In-App Purchases: 955,154 installations
  • Stripe: 140,553 installations
  • Google Pay In-app billing: 137,696 installations
  • Apple PassKit (Apple Pay and Wallet): 124,687 installations
  • Razorpay: 117,564 installations
  • 48,858 installations
  • Braintree: 38,805 installations
  • Alipay: 35,628 installations
  • Google Play License Verification Library: 33,486 installations
  • RevenueCat: 31,009 installations

Final Thoughts

Overall, installations are down pretty much across the board and very few SDKs have grown their installed base in recent months. Indeed, even Stripe, which overtook Google Play In-app billing in the Payments and Commerce SDK category, did so while posting a net loss in app installs.

In any event, going forward, we’ll be keeping an eye on changes in this space. So, be sure to keep an eye out for future iterations of our App Monetization SDK roundup!

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