Let’s Discuss Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence at DMEXCO 2023!

From September 20th to 21st, our team will be in Cologne, Germany for DMEXCO 2023, Europe's premier event for digital marketing and technology. Among the multitude of subjects being addressed this year, we're especially eager to delve into discussions about the growing trend of digital streaming, advances in smart TV experiences, and the evolution of connected TV (CTV) advertising.

Leading CTV app stores, including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung, and LG, expanded their app offerings by roughly 31% from 2022 to 2023 — up from 30% the year before. Given this continued growth, along with the surge in smart TV and OTT adoption, CTV advertising is poised to assume a more dominant position in the digital marketing realm in the coming years.

So, with this in mind, let’s discuss the following (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections):

How to Optimize CTV Advertising with App Intelligence

As more viewers shift from traditional television to streaming content on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Google TV, CTV advertising has gained significant traction. It offers more precise targeting, easily measurable outcomes, and more engaging ad experiences than linear TV advertising.

However, in order to launch targeted, high-ROI CTV ad campaigns, demand-side businesses require granular CTV app, game, and app store intelligence. As with mobile advertising, this includes insight into granular app categories and genres, parental advisories and content ratings, country availability and language, app-ads.txt and compliance insights, required permissions, and more.

Want to learn about CTV advertising? These are the benefits, challenges, and best-practices.

Our CTV App Intelligence

This is where we here at 42matters come in. We offer data on thousands of CTV apps from the most popular CTV app and channel stores. This includes Roku Channel Store, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV Apps, LG Content Store, and Vizio SmartCast Apps.

You can leverage our CTV app intelligence in a variety of ways. You can enrich your data with CTV app and game metadata (i.e. app titles, descriptions, publisher names, etc.); increase the value of your digital ads by improving targeting on CTV platforms, app stores, and apps; prevent ad fraud by leveraging our app-ads.txt solution for CTV apps to identify authorized ad suppliers; and more!

To give you a taste of the sort of insights we provide, we’ve ranked the following:

  • Top CTV Platforms
  • Top CTV Publishers
  • Top CTV Apps

Top CTV Platforms

1. Roku TV — The Roku Channel Store

  • Roku Channel Store: 38,095 apps from 10,188 app publishers.
  • Top Roku Categories: Faith-Based, Movies & TV, and Apps.
  • Apps Published Per Day: 17

2. Apple TV — The Apple TV tvOS App Store

  • Apple TV tvOS App Store: 22,702 apps from 15,045 publishers.
  • Top Apple TV Categories: Education, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.
  • Apps Published Per Day: 8

3. Amazon Fire TV — The Amazon Fire TV Appstore

  • Amazon Fire TV Appstore: 19,340 apps from 7,935 publishers.
  • Top Fire TV Categories: Lifestyle, Movies & TV, and Games.
  • Apps Published Per Day: 11

4. Google TV — Google TV

  • Google TV: 8,178 apps from 5,395 publishers.
  • Top Google TV Categories: Entertainment, Movies & Audio, and Video Players & Editors.
  • Apps Published Per Day: 1

Top CTV Publishers

The Top 5 Roku App Publishers:

1.Subsplash Inc — 4,233 apps
2. — 963 apps
3. VlogBox, Inc. — 955 apps
4. Future Today Inc. — 641 apps
5. — 562 apps

The Top 5 Apple TV App Publishers:

1.Cross Media Corporation — 183 apps
2. FutureToday Inc — 152 apps
3. TvStartup Inc. — 136 apps
4. Ventura Educational Systems — 126 apps
5. Gray Television Group, Inc. — 116 apps

The Top 5 Fire TV App Publishers: — 631 apps
2. Future Today Inc — 397 apps
3. — 320 apps
4. PuzzlePups — 253 apps
5. Streaming Television Inc. — 189 apps

The Top 5 Google TV App Publishers:

1.Gray Television, Inc. — 101 apps
2. BlueFrame Technology — 80 apps
3. MEGASTREAM — 61 apps
4. RadioKing— 59 apps
5. N-Dream — 52 apps

Top CTV Apps

The Top 10 Roku Apps:

2. YouTube
3. Hulu
4. Amazon Prime Video
5. The Roku Channel
6. Sling TV
7. Disney+
8. Pandora
9. Spectrum TV
10. Max

The Top 10 Apple TV Apps:

1.Disney Crossy Road
2. Weather Live - Local Forecast
3. Arlo Legacy
4. YouTube
5. Netflix
6. PlayStation Vue
7. Sling
8. Hulu
9. Disney+
10. Amazon Prime Video

The Top 10 Fire TV Apps:

2. Disney+
3. Pluto TV
4. Downloader
5. Tubi
6. Apple TV
7. Peacock TV
8. Paramount+
9. Max
10. Spotify

The Top 10 Google TV Apps:

2. Tubi
3. TuneIn Radio
4. Red Ball 4
5. ZEE5
6. Crossy Road
7. Rally Fury
8. Asphalt 8
9. Twitch
10. Beach Buggy Racing

How to Access Our CTV App Intelligence

So, how can you access our CTV app intelligence? Well, we offer insight into the CTV market via the Roku Explorer and our suite of CTV data dumps. Let’s look at these one at a time.

What Is the Roku Explorer?

The 42matters Explorer is our flagship app market research platform. It offers insight into millions of apps from millions of publishers all over the world. This includes in-depth insight into three leading app stores: Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Roku Channel Store.

On the Roku side of things, the Explorer offers intelligence on all 38k+ published and unpublished Roku apps from all 10k+ Roku publishers. For each app, you’ll have access to developer details, app identifiers like Channel ID and Bundle ID; taxonomical insights like Category and IAB Category; performance metrics like Rating Counts; app-ads.txt and other compliance insights; and much, much more.

Learn how to fill your CTV ad inventory using the Roku Explorer.

What Are the 42matters CTV File Dumps?

In addition to the Roku Explorer, we offer comprehensive, always up-to-date data dumps optimized for large data ingestion.

They enable you to find CTV apps and games by searching for specific app IDs, and give you access to CTV app insights, like app titles, descriptions, publisher names, etc.

As with all of our file feeds, our Connected TV App Details offering can be received via daily, weekly, or monthly data dumps.

To learn more about our Connected TV App Details file dump, click here!

Examples of Our CTV App Intelligence

To get better acquainted with our data, check out our CTV store stats pages:

Let’s Talk CTV at DMEXCO 2023!

Finally, if you’re heading to DMEXCO 2023 and want to chat with our team about CTV app intelligence, set up a meeting!

Otherwise, feel free to reach out to one of our attendees on LinkedIn!

Andrea Girardello — Co-Founder and CEO

Gareth Yap — Head of Sales

Siniša Sambolić — Head of Marketing

Alicia Vickery — Business Development Representative

Dominique Von Atzigen — Business Development Representative

Nathan Kläy — Business Development Representative

Míriam Palomo — Digital Marketing Specialist

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