The Top Ad Networks to Meet at DMEXCO 2023

DMEXCO 2023 is coming up! And, as always, the conference promises to be a great opportunity for ad networks, demand-side platforms, and other companies involved in the mobile and connected TV (CTV) advertising space to come together and discuss trends and innovations in their industry.

In anticipation, we here at 42matters, a leading provider of app and SDK intelligence for the mobile and CTV market, have compiled a list of the top ad network companies that will be in Cologne, Germany for the event.

This list includes industry leaders like Meta (née Facebook),, Criteo, Verve Group, and more. Each of these ad networks have been recognized for their ability to help app developers maximize advertising revenue and connect advertisers with highly-targeted audiences.

Here’s our list (click the links to jump to an ad network):

The Top Ad Networks Attending MWC 23

Facebook Audience Network — Meta Platforms Technologies

422,232 Android apps and 71,360 iOS apps use Facebook Audience Network. This includes…

  • 37.20% of Music apps
  • 30.64% of Word apps
  • 28.51% of Trivia apps

Startapp —

182,990 Android apps and 6,360 iOS apps use Startapp. This includes…

  • 17.66% of Music apps
  • 16.91% of Music & Audio apps
  • 14.97% of Personalization apps

Criteo Publisher — Criteo

14,440 Android apps and 2,011 iOS apps use Criteo Publisher. This includes…

  • 1.50% of Art & Design apps
  • 1.47% of Word apps
  • 1.23% of Trivia apps

Open Measurement — Integral Ad Science (IAS)

8,745 Android apps use Open Measurement. This includes…

  • 1.46% of Trivia apps
  • 1.34% of Word apps
  • 0.79% of Simulation apps

Verve HyBid PubNative — Verve Group

4,470 Android apps and 1,850 iOS apps use Verve HyBid PubNative. This includes…

  • 1.03% of Simulation apps
  • 1.02% of Casual apps
  • 0.99% of Word apps

Tappx —

5,229 Android apps and 172 iOS apps use Tappx. This includes…

  • 0.36% of Word apps
  • 0.35% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.29% of Puzzle apps

Taboola — Taboola

1,418  Android apps and 946 iOS apps use Taboola. This includes…

  • 1.29% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.18% of Weather apps
  • 0.15% of Music & Audio apps

Teads — Teads Deutschland GmbH

774 Android apps and 697 iOS apps use Teads. This includes…

  • 1.01% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.09% of Sports apps
  • 0.06% of Entertainment apps

OpenWrap - OpenBid — PubMatic

1,011  Android apps and 348 iOS apps use OpenWrap - OpenBid. This includes…

  • 0.45% of Card apps
  • 0.38% of Board apps
  • 0.30% of Weather apps

Outbrain — Outbrain

329 Android apps and 479 iOS apps use Outbrain. This includes…

  • 0.47% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.03% of Sports apps
  • 0.02% of Weather apps

FreeWheel — FreeWheel

200 Android apps use FreeWheel. This includes…

  • 0.14% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.05% of Sports apps
  • 0.03% of Entertainment apps


118 Android apps and 40 iOS apps use VISX. This includes…

  • 0.14% of News & Magazines apps
  • 0.05% of Sports apps
  • 0.03% of Entertainment apps

FlatAds — Flat Incubator

8 Android apps and 1 iOS app use FlatAds. This includes…

  • 0.01% of Video Players & Editors apps
  • <0.01% of Tools apps
  • <0.01% of Lifestyle apps

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Here’s Who’s Attending…

Andrea Girardello — Co-Founder and CEO

Gareth Yap — Head of Sales

Siniša Sambolić — Head of Marketing

Alicia Vickery — Business Development Representative

Dominique Von Atzigen — Business Development Representative

Nathan Kläy — Business Development Representative

Míriam Palomo — Digital Marketing Specialist

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We offer a wide variety of app market research tools. Our APIs, file dumps (datasets), and suite of web-based research platforms enable businesses to build market-informed products and services, and implement more efficient business practices. For example…

  • AdTech companies can leverage our file solutions to access the CTV market, boost ad targeting, maximize ad impressions, fight ad fraud, and protect both ad quality and brand safety.
  • SDK developers can use the SDK Explorer to generate new mobile and CTV app publisher leads, enrich existing leads, and monitor the performance of competitor SDKs.
  • Cybersecurity professionals can use our data to improve malware detection, harden mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) systems, and prevent ad fraud.

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