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SDK Intelligence and Lead Generation with 42matters App Intelligence Explorer

SDK Intelligence and Lead Generation with 42matters App Intelligence Explorer

The App Intelligence Explorer from 42matters is a versatile tool for market research and lead generation on Google Play and Apple App Store. One of the most used feature combinations is the SDK insights filter + CSV Exports and this is what we will showcase today.

One piece of invaluable information in regards to mobile apps is the SDKs they've integrated. Those can reveal insights about how apps monetize, what kind of data they might be collecting, what technology they have been built with and much more. What is also very useful to know is what sdks apps do not have integrated (yet). 42matters has been doing SDK analysis on mobile for years and maintains a large and up-to-date database of SDK integrations exposed via the App Intelligence ExplorerSDK APIs and SDK Dump File Download.

Imagine you are a technology company that builds a plugin for Unity3D. A very useful list of app sdk leads for your sales team would be "Apps built with Unity3D". You can narrow down your search further with "Apps in Top Charts" or "Apps with Physical Address in the US" filters or any other combination that is useful for your business case.

SDK Integrations Filter
SDK Integrations Filter

After you've adjusted your filters and are happy with the results, you can choose the columns you'd like to view and export. This is done by clicking on the "Configure Columns" top-right button and selecting the appropriate ones - "Contact" in order to get the email address the publisher has provided, Physical Address for geographical address and country, SDKs for a list of available sdks, etc.


Choose which fields should be visible on screen or in export

Clicking on Export will allow you to adjust your export size and shortly after you will conveniently receive a link to a CSV file with the columns you've selected in the previous step. Now your sales team can start getting in touch with interesting apps.

Adjust your export settings