Meet 42matters at MWC24 Barcelona!3 min read

42matters is heading back to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! We’re available to chat about supercharging your business with mobile and CTV app intelligence!

REPORT: Top Scooter Rental Apps in the DACH Region2 min read

Learn about the DACH region’s scooter rental market. We identified the most popular apps, including TIER, Lime, Voi, Superpedestrian, LeipzigMOVE, & ZEUS.

What Is CTV? Top CTV Platforms, CTV Publishers, & CTV Apps11 min read

In this article we answer the question: “What Is CTV?” We also discuss the CTV landscape, including the top CTV platforms, CTV publishers, and CTV apps. Finally we introduce our intelligence solutions for tracking CTV with analytics, statistics, and data!

Top Personal Finance Apps August 2023: Google Pay vs. PayPal4 min read

Google Pay was a dominant force among “Personal Finance” apps in July. However, as PayPal’s performance indicates, there’s reason to be bearish. We breakdown the top “Personal Finance” apps in August 2023.

Top Twitter Competitors August 2023: Threads Unravels4 min read

The unraveling of Threads, the resilience of the ‘Social Network Formerly Known as Twitter,’ and the top Twitter competitors heading into August 2023.

Top Streaming Apps August 2023: Netflix Crackdown Pays Off5 min read

Netflix led the pack in July and its crackdown on password sharing is paying dividends. Despite justified criticism, HBO’s Max is off to a good start. Finally, Plex is a name to keep an eye on going forward.

New Data Reveals Mastodon's Declining Monthly Active Users3 min read

Mastodon on the decline? As Twitter battles it out with Meta’s white-hot Threads, the federated social networking service sees declining usage.

ADHD Apps Are Having a Moment3 min read

ADHD startups and apps are attracting attention from VCs and investors all over the world. So, we’ve identified the most popular ADHD-related mobile apps.

‘Gas’ Downloads Drop 98% Following Discord Acquisition3 min read

Back in October, we covered the rise of Gas, a compliments-based social media app for teens. In particular, we noted that the app surpassed 2.5 million downloads just two months after its August release. Well, Gas was officially acquired by Discord a couple weeks back. So, out of curiosity, we took a look at how the app has performed since we first covered it at the tail-end of last year. Here’s what we found (click the links to jump to the relevant sections): * Daily Downloads for Gas Are

App Market Stats 2023: Google Play vs the iOS App Store1 min read

With 2023 on the horizon, we checked in on the app market’s biggest rivalry: Android versus iOS. Google Play versus the Apple App Store.

Downloads Plummet for FTX, BlockFi, and Other Crypto Apps4 min read

FTX fallout continues to rock the crypto world, claiming BlockFi as its latest victim. So, we analyzed demand trends for crypto-related mobile apps.

TikTok May Be Launching a Music Streaming Service, Here’s the Competition…3 min read

It appears TikTok is preparing to launch a music streaming service. According to Business Insider, the company’s Beijing-based parent company ByteDance filed a U.S. trademark application for ‘TikTok Music’ back in May. ByteDance’s filing describes a pretty straightforward social media streaming platform. TikTok Music will let users purchase, play, share, and download music. Moreover, it will allow users to create, share, and recommend playlists, comment on music, and livestream both audio and v

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)? Tools and Best Practices13 min read

Recently, we launched a number of App Store Optimization (ASO) Endpoints to help app publishers improve keyword selection and bolster visibility in app stores. So, for those unacquainted with ASO and ASO best practices, we put together a primer.

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