Streaming Wars: Prime Video Was October’s Biggest Winner6 min read

Streaming Wars: Amazon Prime Video was the biggest winner in October. HBO’s MAX dilemma. It’s time to take ad-supported streaming seriously.

CTVAd Tech

Fire TV is the Fastest Growing CTV App Store in the World5 min read

Top CTV app stores in October 2023. Roku remains the leader, but Fire TV is the fastest growing store. Google TV falters, while Apple TV holds steady.

What Is Sellers.json? Examples, Use Cases, and How It Works13 min read

What Is Sellers.json? Learn about sellers.json files, sellers.json vs ads.txt, sellers.json examples, and more. How app developers, DSPs, and others can use it.

CTVAd Tech

Roku Advertising: Grow Your Roku TV Advertising Inventory16 min read

Roku advertising: tips and best practices for filling your Roku TV advertising inventory. Enhance CTV advertising and OTT advertising with Roku apps.


Let’s Discuss Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence at DMEXCO 2023!6 min read

We’ll be attending DMEXCO 2023 in Cologne, Germany. If you’re attending, we’d love to talk to you about the value of connected TV and CTV app intelligence.

The Top Ad Networks to Meet at DMEXCO 20235 min read

DMEXCO will host top ad networks like Meta,, Criteo, Tappx, etc. Read the article for the list of demand-side SDKs heading to DMEXCO 2023.

Top Streaming Apps Sept 2023: The Rise of Ad-Supported Streaming6 min read

Ad-supported streaming platforms like Plex and Amazon’s FreeVee continue to grow. Peacock gears up for Big Ten football. Netflix continues to lead.

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Top CTV App Stores August 2023: Fire TV Growth Plummets5 min read

Top CTV app stores in August 2023. Fire TV plummeted in August, while Roku lagged in terms of new publisher growth. Learn more about Apple TV & Google TV.

CTVAd Tech

What Is a Set Top Box: Set Top Box Advertising and More16 min read

What is a set top box? What is set top box advertising? How STBs fit into the connected TV (CTV) landscape and how they can be used to host CTV ads.

What Is CTV? Top CTV Platforms, CTV Publishers, & CTV Apps11 min read

In this article we answer the question: “What Is CTV?” We also discuss the CTV landscape, including the top CTV platforms, CTV publishers, and CTV apps. Finally we introduce our intelligence solutions for tracking CTV with analytics, statistics, and data!

Fill CTV Ad Inventory for CTV Advertising18 min read

Fill CTV ad inventory. How to find CTV app developers and CTV publishers from across the CTV landscape to fill your ad inventory. Get targeted leads.


Top CTV App Stores July 2023: Roku Remains Top Dog4 min read

Top CTV app stores in July 2023. Roku remains top dog, beating out Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV. Netflix and Faith-Based apps lead the CTV charge.

REPORT: The State of the Mobile SDK Market 20231 min read

In The State of the Mobile SDK Market 2023 Report, we analyze the top iOS and Android SDKs, their top markets, the most competitive categories, and more.

REPORT: The State of Roku TV Apps 20231 min read

In The State of Roku TV Apps 2023, we analyze the annual growth of the Roku Channel Store. We look at the top apps, categories, publishers, and more.

NEW: The Roku Top Charts Explorer4 min read

We’ve added the Roku Channel Store to the 42matters Top Charts Explorer! Filter Roku app rankings by country, date, and category.

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