Top US Personal Finance Apps: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal5 min read

Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal are the most popular Personal Finance Apps in the United States. We’ve identified the top 15 iOS and Android Personal Finance apps.

New Data Reveals Mastodon's Declining Monthly Active Users3 min read

Mastodon on the decline? As Twitter battles it out with Meta’s white-hot Threads, the federated social networking service sees declining usage.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ is the Top Netflix Game3 min read

We checked in on the top Netflix games on Google Play and the Apple App Store, including Valiant Hearts, SpongeBob, and Too Hot...

Oscars: ABC Streaming App Surges Into the App Store’s Top 33 min read

The ABC streaming app rose to the top 3 on the App Store charts during the Oscars. Fans used it to stream the event and catch missed moments.

ADHD Apps Are Having a Moment3 min read

ADHD startups and apps are attracting attention from VCs and investors all over the world. So, we’ve identified the most popular ADHD-related mobile apps.

Open Chat GBT and Other AI Apps Are Storming App Store Top Charts4 min read

Ever since OpenAI’s Chat GBT exploded onto the scene, apps have been deploying AI-related ASO keywords. Here are the top AI apps on Google Play.

Mastodon Downloads Down 99% From Mid-November Peak3 min read

Mastodon app downloads down 99% from their mid-November peak. Here’s how the federated social network has fared since Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition.

Streaming Wars: Paramount+ Climbs Apple’s Top Charts4 min read

Paramount+ closed out 2022 strong, recording 1,773,762 monthly active users in the United States and rocketing up the App Store’s top charts.

TikTok Flourishes in the US, Despite Government Ban5 min read

TikTok continues to thrive in the United States, despite new legislation from the House of Representatives banning the app on government issued devices.

Social Commerce App Temu Nearing 25M U.S. Downloads4 min read

Temu, a Chinese social commerce app, is nearing 25 million downloads in the United States, just four months after its release. Here are the numbers.

These Are the Top Weight Loss Apps Heading Into 20233 min read

Ready to achieve your 2023 fitness goals? These are the best weight loss apps on the market heading into the New Year, according to our app intelligence.

Streaming Wars: Has Prime Video Overtaken Netflix?4 min read

Despite reports that Amazon Prime Video has surpassed Netflix in terms of paid subscribers, Netflix still dominates the U.S. mobile streaming space.

Downloads Plummet for FTX, BlockFi, and Other Crypto Apps4 min read

FTX fallout continues to rock the crypto world, claiming BlockFi as its latest victim. So, we analyzed demand trends for crypto-related mobile apps.

Klarna Dominates the DACH BNPL Market, Riverty Is Rising3 min read

Black Friday is back! So, we analyzed the most exciting “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) apps in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Here’s what we found…

The Elon Musk Effect: Mastodon Downloads Up Nearly 4 Million Percent as Users Flee Twitter4 min read

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter. Now, millions of users are turning to alternatives like Mastodon, which has been downloaded 650,739 times this week.

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