NEW: CTV APIs and Google TV Explorer8 min read

Introducing our new CTV Enrichment APIs and the Google TV Explorer! Get the best app intelligence solutions for the CTV space from 42matters.

NEW: App Alerts Added to the Explorer4 min read

We’ve added App Alerts to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you can set automatic email alerts for iOS and Android apps that are key to your business.

3 Ways SSPs Can Protect Revenue by Optimizing Sales9 min read

Revenue protection tips for mobile and CTV supply-side platforms. How SSPs can use app, SDK, and app-ads.txt data to optimize the sales process.

App Intelligence for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)7 min read

Account-based marketing (ABM) is taking the mobile and CTV world by storm. Here’s how to access 2.1+ million app publisher leads and bolster ABM.

SDK Competitor Analysis: Find Apps that Use Competitor SDKs13 min read

How to conduct SDK Competitor Analysis. We cover the benefits of competitor analysis for SDK developers, the top metrics, the top tools and solutions, and more.

How to Get App Publisher Leads for SDKs, Ad Networks, etc.9 min read

Get mobile & CTV app publisher leads. Learn how SDK developers, ad networks, advertisers, SSPs, DSPs, & other businesses can find and segment leads.

NEW: Total iOS Downloads, Total Downloads by Country, etc.3 min read

We’ve added new features! Total iOS downloads, total downloads by country, iOS Lookup API downloads, iOS Advanced Query API downloads_gte & downloads_lte.

Fill CTV Ad Inventory for CTV Advertising18 min read

Fill CTV ad inventory. How to find CTV app developers and CTV publishers from across the CTV landscape to fill your ad inventory. Get targeted leads.

NEW: The Roku Top Charts Explorer4 min read

We’ve added the Roku Channel Store to the 42matters Top Charts Explorer! Filter Roku app rankings by country, date, and category.

NEW: App Query and SDK Alerts on the 42matters Explorer6 min read

We’re adding a new feature to both the 42matters Explorer and SDK Explorer! With ‘Alerts’ you’ll be able to set up automatic email notifications with updates on specified app queries or SDKs. Alerts are particularly great for mobile app developers, SDK developers, and ad networks. They enable these businesses to spot important changes to apps of interest (for example: newly added or removed SDKs, updates to required permissions, developer updates, etc.), identify new competitors, and generate

CTVAd TechExplorer

NEW: Explore the Roku Channel Store with 42matters8 min read

The 42matters Explorer now supports the Roku Channel Store! Research the connected TV (CTV) market, generate CTV leads, and enhance CTV ad targeting.

Import App Developer Leads from 42matters Into HubSpot4 min read

Learn how to import mobile and connected TV (CTV) app data from the 42matters Explorer into HubSpot. Generate and enrich leads with 42matters!

NEW: Gender and Age Demographic Filters for Google Play Apps2 min read

Demographic filters for Android apps available on Google Play. Use the 42matters Explorer to break down an app's user base by gender and age.

Google Play’s Top Charts Now Rank the Top 200 Android Apps1 min read

In early March, Google revised the number of chart positions on Google Play’s Top Charts from 700 to 200 for all app and game categories.

Privacy Matters: How One Firm Leveraged 42matters to Launch a Unique Data Privacy Service7 min read

A consulting firm based in the United States uses 42matters’ mobile app intelligence to deliver comprehensive data privacy services.

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