NEW: Publisher Metadata File Dump3 min read

Introducing the Publisher Metadata file dump! Use it to query app publishers and review their entire portfolio of Android and iOS apps.

What Is Sellers.json? Examples, Use Cases, and How It Works13 min read

What Is Sellers.json? Learn about sellers.json files, sellers.json vs ads.txt, sellers.json examples, and more. How app developers, DSPs, and others can use it.

Fill CTV Ad Inventory for CTV Advertising18 min read

Fill CTV ad inventory. How to find CTV app developers and CTV publishers from across the CTV landscape to fill your ad inventory. Get targeted leads.

NEW: Improved SDK Explorer and Documentation Search3 min read

We’ve redesigned the SDK Explorer, added an SDK tracking feature, and revamped our documentation page’s navigation menu. Learn more about these updates here.

NEW: IAB Categories File Dumps Now Support Content Taxonomy 3.03 min read

We’ve extended our IAB Categories file dumps. Now they support the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Content Taxonomy 3.0! Here’s how Ad Networks benefit.

File DumpsASO

NEW: App Store Optimization (ASO) File Dumps from 42matters2 min read

Get app store optimization (ASO) file dumps from 42matters! You’ll be able to access all our ASO keyword stats and insights via a single file dump.

Google Play’s Top Charts Now Rank the Top 200 Android Apps1 min read

In early March, Google revised the number of chart positions on Google Play’s Top Charts from 700 to 200 for all app and game categories.

How to Increase Your CTV App Inventory with Best-fit App Publishers8 min read

CTV advertising is exploding. Here’s how you can improve CTV advertising by increasing your CTV app inventory with best-fit app publishers.

SNEAK PEAK: Huawei AppGallery File Dump from 42matters2 min read

We’ve developed a new file dump for Huawei’s AppGallery. Soon, with 42matters, you’ll have access to app intelligence for all Huawei apps and games.

NEW: Sellers.json File Dumps2 min read

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added a number of new features and functionalities to our products. We expanded our connected TV (CTV) file dumps with data from Google TV, added monthly active users (MAU) to the 42matters Explorer, and now we’ve launched a brand new file dump for sellers.json files!

CTVFile Dumps

Google TV Stats: The Top Apps, Categories, and Publishers3 min read

Recently, we expanded our connected TV (CTV) file dumps with Google TV app intelligence. So, to show you some of the things these file dumps can do, we used them to identify the top Google TV apps, categories, publishers, and more. Here’s what we cover in this article (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): * The Top Rated Apps on Google TV * The Most Popular Apps on Google TV * The Most Popular Categories on Google TV * The Top Publishers on Google TV To learn mor

CTVFile Dumps

NEW: Google TV File Dumps3 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that the 42matters Connected TV (CTV) App Details file dump will now offer a variety of insights into Google TV apps. For a full rundown on the data provided by our CTV file dump, review our documentation. Here’s what we cover in this blog post (click the links below to jump to the corresponding section): * What Is Google TV? * How to Access Google TV App Insights With 42matters What Is Google TV? Google TV is essentially a revamped interface for Androi

Craft Better COVID Policies With Data From 42matters10 min read

This article was written by Veronika Vilgis, PhD, who works as a consultant data strategist. It uses data collected by 42matters’s app intelligence solutions to analyze how understanding the mobile app landscape can help policymakers craft better COVID policies. The COVID-19 pandemic not only constitutes a global health crisis but has also had a major impact on socio-economic activities. Global and national efforts to address the immediate health threat have been unprecedented, with governments

​​How to Get App Insights for App Analysis11 min read

One of the most common questions that we receive at 42matters is whether it’s possible to get app insights for app analysis. The answer, of course, is yes!

CTVFile Dumps

42 Connected TV (CTV) Stats That Matter in 20217 min read

Over the last decade or so, the rise of digital streaming, smart TV, and connected TV (CTV) platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and others has caused a seismic realignment in the entertainment industry. So, with people abandoning traditional cable providers in ever-growing numbers, we’ve curated a list of 42 CTV statistics that matter in 2021. To jump to a particular section, click the links below: * Connected TV (CTV) Statistics * Applications per CTV Store * The Top Roku Channel Stor

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