NEW: Publisher Metadata File Dump3 min read

Introducing the Publisher Metadata file dump! Use it to query app publishers and review their entire portfolio of Android and iOS apps.

SDK PLAYBOOK: How to Get App Publisher Leads1 min read

Download our SDK playbook to get app publisher leads. Learn how UXCam, a top app analytics company, used 42matters to supercharge lead generation.

What Is App-ads.txt? Examples, Use Cases, & How to Add It17 min read

What is app-ads.txt? App-ads.txt examples, use cases, and how it differs from ads.txt and sellers.json. How to set up app-ads.txt for your apps.

NEW: IAB Categories File Dumps Now Support Content Taxonomy 3.03 min read

We’ve extended our IAB Categories file dumps. Now they support the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Content Taxonomy 3.0! Here’s how Ad Networks benefit.

Let’s Discuss AdTech SDK Intelligence at DMEXCO 2022!5 min read

Our team will be in Cologne, Germany from September 21st - 22nd, attending DMEXCO 2022, Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech event.

iOS 14, IDFA: How Apple Changed Mobile Advertising Overnight18 min read

This past June, at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple made a startling revelation. The iOS 14 mobile operating system would kill the Apple IDFA… sort of. According to Apple, the iOS 14 will come with new privacy features, requiring consumers to opt-in for permission to be tracked via their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Those who do not opt-in will no longer receive targeted advertisements that leverage IDFA data. This move is of great consequence to the world of mobil

Mobile Advertising

How to Find Your Mobile Advertising ID3 min read

What is a mobile advertising ID? In this article we'll explain what what they are, the different kinds that exist, why they are used, and how you can reset them. What is an advertising ID? Advertising IDs are user-resettable identifiers provided by a device’s operating system that allow developers and marketers to track user activity for advertising purposes. Since mobile apps do not collect cookies, advertising IDs such as Android’s AdID [

Mobile Advertising

Finding Your Place in the Mobile App Market8 min read

The mobile app market is growing – and with it, a wide range of opportunities for developers, marketers, and more. Mobile enterprise has long been hailed as the ‘next biggest market [],’ with the average amount of timespent browsing []each month on a mobile device up to 66 hours in the UK. Mobile apps, on the other hand, clock around 2.3hours of use []every day per user. With around 4.93 billionsmart

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