ANALYSIS: Robinhood and Duolingo IPOs8 min read

Robinhood and Duolingo, two of the most popular app-based businesses in the United States and globally, are set to go public. Eyeing IPOs of 35 and 3 billion U.S. dollars respectively, the companies have obviously enjoyed great success on the global app markets. So, in this article, we’ve leveraged our app intelligence solutions to analyze the following: 1. Robinhood App Analysis 1. Download Estimates (July 23, 2019 - July 22, 2021) 2. Analysis of User Review Sentiment 3. Analysis o

How to Get App Insights for App Analysis30 min read

One of the more common questions that we at 42matters receive is whether it’s possible to get app insights for app analysis. The answer, of course, is yes! The 42matters Explorer [] — along with our catalog of useful APIs and file dumps — delivers everything from download statistics to technical insights. Our data, which is refreshed daily, is based on a comprehensive analysis of: * 3,385,076 [] A

Analysis of App Reviews Can Reveal Useful Business Insights2 min read

App reviews are one of the best ways to find out what users really think about apps. The only problem is that they are unstructured and it's hard to get an overview about particular topics without scrolling through thousands of reviews. That is why 42matters has analyzed hundreds of millions of reviews, both on Google Play and iTunes and has extracted clear and actionable results such as "positive UX sentiment", "negative Advertising sentiment", etc. Combining those filters together is a powerf

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