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13 Ways Ad Networks Combat Ad Fraud using 42matters App Data

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Mobile advertising is huge. Indeed, global mobile ad spending is set to hit the $230 billion [] mark this year, with a staggering estimated growth rate of more than 20%. With all that money changing hands, the digital advertising world has drawn a lot of attention from unscrupulous actors. In fact, ad fraud in the digital space cost businesses somewhere in the realm of $19 billion in 2018 []. Fraudsters managed to cut off this sizeable piece of the ... Read more

12 Ways Ad Networks Use 42matters App Data to Improve App Publisher Onboarding

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When online advertising networks onboard an app publisher’s mobile application, they need the app’s most recent metadata – such as the title, creatives, description, icon, etc. – to ensure that the process is straightforward and frictionless for the publisher. In this article we will go over 12 ways ad networks can leverage the rich data and functionalities provided by 42matters to support and simplify the app publisher onboarding process. 1. Find Apps The first step in any onboarding proces... Read more

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