Streaming Wars: Netflix Shares Tumble6 min read

After a disappointing earnings report, Netflix’s stock price collapsed. We take a look at how this has impacted their mobile app performance.

Twitter Users Unfazed by Elon Musk’s $43 Billion Dollar Offer6 min read

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, but the social media giant has introduced a ‘poison pill’ to fend off his $43 billion offer. We’ve used our app intelligence solutions to analyze how users have responded. On April 4th, 2022, a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that Elon Musk — Technoking of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX — had bought a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, making him the largest shareholder of one of the world’s preeminent social media platforms. Ten

‘Appy Easter: The Top Scavenger Hunt Apps3 min read

Easter is just around the corner. And while you may have outgrown the egg hunts, that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the festivities! We’ve identified the top scavenger hunt apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. In this article, we’ll cover (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): * The Top Scavenger Hunt Apps * Analysis of the Top Scavenger Hunt Apps * Android Downloads (January 1st, 2022 - April 10th, 2022) * iOS Downloads (January 1st, 2022 - April 10th, 2022)

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The Truth Hurts: Trump’s Truth Social is Losing Steam5 min read

Donald Trump launched Truth Social on February 21st, 2022. One month later, the app appears to be on life support. We dig into the numbers.

Streaming Wars: Amazon’s $8.5B MGM Acquisition6 min read

Amazon has acquired MGM for a whopping $8.5B. So, we used our App Watchlist to check in on the ‘Streaming Wars,’ analyzing the performance of the top streaming apps.

Elon Musk’s Starlink Arrives in Ukraine7 min read

Elon Musk’s Starlink has arrived in Ukraine. Now, both the iOS and Android Starlink apps dominate the country’s top charts. We used our App Watchlist platform to dig into the details!

Mental Health Apps on the Rise6 min read

Mental health apps like BetterMe, being, Mindshine, and VOS are growing rapidly — especially in the United States. So, we leveraged the 42matters App Watchlist, our competitive app benchmarking platform, to analyze the five most popular Android and iOS mental health apps.

The Top 8 Neobank Apps in Europe7 min read

Neobank apps like N26, Vivid, Ma French Bank, neon, Orange Bank, Bnext, Tomorrow and Lunar have gained a lot of traction in Europe. So, we used our App Watchlist platform to analyze eight of the most popular EU-based neobanks.

These 6 Grocery Delivery Apps Raised $5.5 Billion8 min read

The food and grocery delivery apps DoorDash, getir, Gopuff, Gorillas, JOKR, and Buyk have raised $5.5 billion from venture capitalists since 2020. So, we used our app intelligence solutions to peek under their hoods. Over the last couple years, 15-minute grocery delivery apps have raised billions of dollars from venture capitalists, but they’ve also raised quite a few skeptical eyebrows. Indeed, enticing as the promise of near-instant delivery may be, the economics don’t seem to add up.

The Fastest Growing NFT Apps14 min read

This article is not meant to be interpreted as investment advice. Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) can be extremely volatile and one invests in them at their own risk. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are taking the crypto world by storm. In this article, we introduce you to the world of NFTs. We also reveal the fastest growing NFT apps on Google Play, leveraging our mobile app intelligence solutions to identify the most popular crypto exchange apps, crypto wallet apps, mobile NFT market

The Top Mobile NFT Marketplaces in 20227 min read

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are taking the crypto world by storm and mobile NFT marketplaces like Binance, OpenSea, and NinjaFT are rocketing up Android’s global top charts. In this article, we use our app intelligence solutions to analyze the performances of three of the top mobile NFT Marketplaces in 2022. Here’s what we’ll cover (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): 1. The Top Mobile NFT Marketplaces in 2022 2. Analysis of the Top Mobile NFT Marketplaces in 2022

These Copycat Apps Are Not the Wordle You’re Looking For5 min read

Wordle has taken social media by storm. But unlike other viral games, it’s not available on app stores. Instead, the ‘real Wordle' can only be found here. With this in mind, we analyzed three Wordle copycats on Google Play. If you’ve spent any time recently on social media sites like Twitter, you’ve probably come across posts depicting grids of green, yellow, and grey boxes. No, it’s not tetris. It’s Wordle, a free, browser-only (meaning it’s not available on app stores) word game developed b

How the Top 5 BNPL Apps Performed During the Holiday Season7 min read

Buy Now, Pay Later apps were a big winner this holiday season, so we used our app intelligence to see how the top five BNPL apps performed over the break. Last September, we wrote about the top five “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) apps in 2021, noting that, with growing concerns over inflation, general economic unpredictability, and a good deal of post-COVID belt-tightening, apps like Klarna and Afterpay would soon have a golden opportunity to test their mettle. Well, it seems like we were on

Craft Better COVID Policies With Data From 42matters10 min read

This article was written by Veronika Vilgis, PhD, who works as a consultant data strategist. It uses data collected by 42matters’s app intelligence solutions to analyze how understanding the mobile app landscape can help policymakers craft better COVID policies. The COVID-19 pandemic not only constitutes a global health crisis but has also had a major impact on socio-economic activities. Global and national efforts to address the immediate health threat have been unprecedented, with governments

Streaming Wars: The Top Mobile Video Streaming Apps6 min read

Digital streaming apps have been in the news a lot recently. So, with the streaming wars gaining momentum, we used our app intelligence solutions to analyze the top Android mobile video streaming apps on the market. In addition, we discuss the impact of two major releases on the streaming landscape — the meteoric rise of Squid Gameand the arrival of Denis Villeneuve’s Duneon HBO Max. Here’s what we cover (click the links below to jump to the relevant sections): * The Top Mobile Video Stream

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