The latest intelligence from the world of mobile and connected TV (CTV) apps.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for Mobile SDK Developers

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for Mobile SDK Developers13 min read

Introducing account-based marketing for Mobile SDK developers. Learn about the benefits of ABM and the top tips, tricks, and tools for SDK developers.

App Intelligence for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)7 min read

Account-based marketing (ABM) is taking the mobile and CTV world by storm. Here’s how to access 2.1+ million app publisher leads and bolster ABM.

Meet 42matters at MWC24 Barcelona!3 min read

42matters is heading back to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! We’re available to chat about supercharging your business with mobile and CTV app intelligence!


What Is Header Bidding? Which Apps Use Header Bidding SDKs?9 min read

What is header bidding and how does it work for mobile and CTV apps? Learn about header bidding SDKs and how to find apps that use them for ad auctions.

CTVAd Tech

Data Enrichment for Mobile and CTV AdTech Companies10 min read

Data enrichment and lead enrichment solutions for Mobile and CTV AdTech companies. App data for mobile and connected TV ad targeting, lead generation, etc.

How to Find Fake Apps: App Data for Mobile Threat Defense14 min read

What are fake mobile apps and how do they work? Learn how to spot fake apps, how they impact businesses, and how to use app data for mobile threat defense.

NEW: Expanded Tencent Appstore Category Insights3 min read

We’ve made some improvements! Learn about our expanded Tencent Appstore category insights and the revised Tencent Top Charts API and Explorer.

SDK Explorer

Top SDK Awards January 2024: See If Your SDK Won!5 min read

Announcing SDK badge winners for the first quarter of 2024! We’ve awarded the top mobile SDKs across 32 SDK categories. See if your SDK won!

REPORT: The State of Connected TV (CTV) App Stores 20241 min read

The State of Connected TV App Stores 2024 Report. CTV market growth and the top apps, publishers, countries, categories, IAB categories, etc.

DATASHEET: Improve Your Mobile Security Posture1 min read

Learn how to improve mobile security with app data. Validate apps, detect malware, review GDPR compliance, audit SDKs, enhance MDM & MAM, etc.

Improve Your Mobile App Security Posture with App Metadata11 min read

App metadata for mobile app security: Examples and use cases. How cyber security companies can get app metadata for mobile app security analysis and more.

Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) with App Data18 min read

Use mobile app data to detect Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) & Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). Learn about PUAs, PUPs, risks, and red flags.

SDK Competitor Analysis: Find Apps that Use Competitor SDKs13 min read

How to conduct SDK Competitor Analysis. We cover the benefits of competitor analysis for SDK developers, the top metrics, the top tools and solutions, and more.

NEW: iOS MAUs and Recrawl API3 min read

We’ve made some improvements to our products! First, we released the iOS Monthly Active Users History API and added iOS MAU insights to the Explorer. In addition, we revised our Recrawl API.

SDK ExplorerGaming

Mobile Gaming SDKs Are In Free Fall4 min read

Top game SDKs and game engine SDKs November 2023: Unity3D, FMOD, GameAnalytics, Cocos2D-X, etc. Stats and trends for the top SDKs for mobile games.

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