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What Is CTV? Top CTV Platforms, CTV Publishers, & CTV Apps11 min read

In this article we answer the question: “What Is CTV?” We also discuss the CTV landscape, including the top CTV platforms, CTV publishers, and CTV apps. Finally we introduce our intelligence solutions for tracking CTV with analytics, statistics, and data!

Fill CTV Ad Inventory for CTV Advertising18 min read

Fill CTV ad inventory. How to find CTV app developers and CTV publishers from across the CTV landscape to fill your ad inventory. Get targeted leads.

Barbie Apps Explode Amid Barbenheimer Fever4 min read

Barbie apps, powered by Barbenheimer fever, have exploded on Google Play and the Apple App Store. We look at the top iOS and Android apps for Barbie fans.

Top Personal Finance Apps August 2023: Google Pay vs. PayPal4 min read

Google Pay was a dominant force among “Personal Finance” apps in July. However, as PayPal’s performance indicates, there’s reason to be bearish. We breakdown the top “Personal Finance” apps in August 2023.

Top Twitter Competitors August 2023: Threads Unravels4 min read

The unraveling of Threads, the resilience of the ‘Social Network Formerly Known as Twitter,’ and the top Twitter competitors heading into August 2023.

Top Streaming Apps August 2023: Netflix Crackdown Pays Off5 min read

Netflix led the pack in July and its crackdown on password sharing is paying dividends. Despite justified criticism, HBO’s Max is off to a good start. Finally, Plex is a name to keep an eye on going forward.

NEW: Improved SDK Explorer and Documentation Search3 min read

We’ve redesigned the SDK Explorer, added an SDK tracking feature, and revamped our documentation page’s navigation menu. Learn more about these updates here.

Best SDK for Mobile Apps8 min read

Looking for the best SDK for mobile apps? See the top SDKs for: monetization, analytics, sales, marketing, security, privacy, development, AR, VR, etc.

SDK Explorer

Top App Monetization SDKs July 2023: Google & Apple Dominate4 min read

Top app monetization SDKs July 2023: Stats, trends, insights for the top Ad Network SDKs, Ad Mediation SDKs, Attribution SDKs, and Payment and Commerce SDKs.


Top CTV App Stores July 2023: Roku Remains Top Dog4 min read

Top CTV app stores in July 2023. Roku remains top dog, beating out Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV. Netflix and Faith-Based apps lead the CTV charge.

Reddit Resilience: Strong Performance Amid Controversy2 min read

Despite recent controversies, Reddit’s mobile apps are performing well, with strong downloads and upward-trending monthly active users (MAUs).

New Data Reveals Mastodon's Declining Monthly Active Users3 min read

Mastodon on the decline? As Twitter battles it out with Meta’s white-hot Threads, the federated social networking service sees declining usage.

REPORT: The State of the Mobile SDK Market 20231 min read

In The State of the Mobile SDK Market 2023 Report, we analyze the top iOS and Android SDKs, their top markets, the most competitive categories, and more.

REPORT: The State of Roku TV Apps 20231 min read

In The State of Roku TV Apps 2023, we analyze the annual growth of the Roku Channel Store. We look at the top apps, categories, publishers, and more.

NEW: The Roku Top Charts Explorer4 min read

We’ve added the Roku Channel Store to the 42matters Top Charts Explorer! Filter Roku app rankings by country, date, and category.

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