The latest intelligence from the world of mobile and connected TV (CTV) apps.

Improve Your Mobile App Security Posture with App Metadata11 min read

App metadata for mobile app security: Examples and use cases. How cyber security companies can get app metadata for mobile app security analysis and more.

Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) with App Data18 min read

Use mobile app data to detect Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) & Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). Learn about PUAs, PUPs, risks, and red flags.

SDK Competitor Analysis: Find Apps that Use Competitor SDKs13 min read

How to conduct SDK Competitor Analysis. We cover the benefits of competitor analysis for SDK developers, the top metrics, the top tools and solutions, and more.

NEW: iOS MAUs and Recrawl API3 min read

We’ve made some improvements to our products! First, we released the iOS Monthly Active Users History API and added iOS MAU insights to the Explorer. In addition, we revised our Recrawl API.

SDK ExplorerGaming

Mobile Gaming SDKs Are In Free Fall4 min read

Top game SDKs and game engine SDKs November 2023: Unity3D, FMOD, GameAnalytics, Cocos2D-X, etc. Stats and trends for the top SDKs for mobile games.

Top App Monetization SDKs Nov ‘23: Stripe Overtakes Google4 min read

Top app monetization SDKs November 2023: Stats & trends for the top Ad Network SDKs, Ad Mediation SDKs, Attribution SDKs, Payment & Commerce SDKs.

Top US Personal Finance Apps: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal5 min read

Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal are the most popular Personal Finance Apps in the United States. We’ve identified the top 15 iOS and Android Personal Finance apps.

How to Get App Publisher Leads for SDKs, Ad Networks, etc.9 min read

Get mobile & CTV app publisher leads. Learn how SDK developers, ad networks, advertisers, SSPs, DSPs, & other businesses can find and segment leads.

Streaming Wars: Prime Video Was October’s Biggest Winner6 min read

Streaming Wars: Amazon Prime Video was the biggest winner in October. HBO’s MAX dilemma. It’s time to take ad-supported streaming seriously.

Reports of X’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated6 min read

Our analysis shows that reports of X’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Here’s a closer look at X, Threads, Bluesky, Truth Social, Mastodon, and GETTR.

REPORT: Top Scooter Rental Apps in the DACH Region2 min read

Learn about the DACH region’s scooter rental market. We identified the most popular apps, including TIER, Lime, Voi, Superpedestrian, LeipzigMOVE, & ZEUS.

CTVAd Tech

Fire TV is the Fastest Growing CTV App Store in the World5 min read

Top CTV app stores in October 2023. Roku remains the leader, but Fire TV is the fastest growing store. Google TV falters, while Apple TV holds steady.

What Is Sellers.json? Examples, Use Cases, and How It Works13 min read

What Is Sellers.json? Learn about sellers.json files, sellers.json vs ads.txt, sellers.json examples, and more. How app developers, DSPs, and others can use it.

CTVAd Tech

Roku Advertising: Grow Your Roku TV Advertising Inventory16 min read

Roku advertising: tips and best practices for filling your Roku TV advertising inventory. Enhance CTV advertising and OTT advertising with Roku apps.

What Is App-ads.txt? Examples, Use Cases, & How to Add It17 min read

What is app-ads.txt? App-ads.txt examples, use cases, and how it differs from ads.txt and sellers.json. How to set up app-ads.txt for your apps.

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