Country Availability API for Android Apps

Check in which countries an Android app is available on Google Play Store™.




Hits per request:


Rate limit:

10 QPS

Required plan:

basic or above.


Name Required Description Available Values Default
access_token required Your access token for using this API. You can get it for FREE by signing up .
p required The package name identifying an Android application. Any publicly available Android app package name
country optional Comma-separated list of country codes. Filters availability information only for specific countries. ID of Supported Countries
callback optional If supplied, the response will use the JSONP format with a callback of the given name.


Status Code Indication Content-Type Body
200 Everything is OK application/json
Attribute Type Description
results Array List of Availability objects. Each Availability object contains package_name, available_in, not_available_in and availability_unknown
404 The package name is not found application/json Error object
402 Your request exceeds what's allowed by your current subscription plan application/json Error object
403 Your access token is not valid application/json Error object
429 Your request rate is over the limit application/json Error object

Example Request

Example Response

	"results": [
			"available_in": [
			"not_available_in": [
			"availability_unknown": [
			"package_name": "com.nianticlabs.pokemongo"

Last Modified: 2017-10-30

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