Lookup API for Android Apps

Find an Android app that matches the specified package name on the Google Play Store™ and return full app details.



GET https://data.42matters.com/api/v2.0/android/apps/lookup.json

Hits per request:


Rate limit:

50 QPS

Required plan:

basic or above.


Name Required Description Available Values Default
access_token required Your access token for using this API. You can get it for FREE by signing up .
p required The package name identifying an Android application. Any publicly available Android app package name
lang optional Return language-specific metadata. If no translation is available the default language of the app is used. Internationalized fields include t​itle, short_desc, description, what_is_new, screenshots. ID of Supported Languages en
app_country optional Return country-specific app metadata. Country-specific fields are include price, price_numeric, price_currency. If the country is not supported, then the default metadata of the app is returned. ID of Supported Countries US
fields optional Comma-separated list of fields to return. Premium fields such as email, similar, permissions require higher plans. See Android App Object for more details.
callback optional If supplied, the response will use the JSONP format with a callback of the given name.


Status Code Indication Content-Type Body
200 Everything is OK application/json Android app object
404 The package name is not found application/json Error object
402 Your request exceeds what's allowed by your current subscription plan application/json Error object
403 Your access token is not valid application/json Error object
429 Your request rate is over the limit application/json Error object

Example Request

Example Response

	"badges": [
		"Top Developer"
	"cat_int": 19,
	"cat_key": "SOCIAL",
	"cat_keys": [
	"cat_type": 0,
	"category": "Social",
	"content_rating": "Teen",
	"created": "2011-12-27T17:48:05+00:00",
	"description": "Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.\n\n\u2022 See what friends are up to\n\u2022 Share updates, photos and videos\n\u2022 Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts\n\u2022 Play games and use your favorite apps\n\nNow you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in our Help Center: http://on.fb.me/133NwuP \nSign up directly here: \nhttp://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.facebook.katana\n\nProblems downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1\nStill need help? Please tell us more about the issue. http://bit.ly/invalidpackage\n\nFacebook is only available for users age 13 and over.\nTerms of Service: http://m.facebook.com/terms.php.",
	"downloads": "1,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000",
	"downloads_max": 5000000000,
	"downloads_min": 1000000000,
	"from_developer": [
	"i18n_lang": [
	"iap": false,
	"interactive_elements": [
		"Users Interact",
		"Shares Info",
		"Shares Location"
	"lang": "en",
	"market_update": "2017-04-26T00:00:00+00:00",
	"package_name": "com.facebook.katana",
	"price": "",
	"price_i18n_countries": [
	"price_numeric": 0,
	"promo_video": "",
	"rating": 4.030891418457,
	"ratings_1": 8106573,
	"ratings_2": 2932362,
	"ratings_3": 5993700,
	"ratings_4": 10320138,
	"ratings_5": 38203265,
	"screenshots": [
	"short_desc": "Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.",
	"size": 13766524,
	"title": "Facebook",
	"version": "Varies with device",
	"website": "https://www.facebook.com/facebook",
	"what_is_new": "\u2022 Improvements for reliability and speed\n",
	"developer": "Facebook",
	"number_ratings": 65556038,
	"icon": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZZPdzvlpK9r_Df9C3M7j1rNRi7hhHRvPhlklJ3lfi5jk86Jd1s0Y5wcQ1QgbVaAP5Q=w300",
	"icon_72": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZZPdzvlpK9r_Df9C3M7j1rNRi7hhHRvPhlklJ3lfi5jk86Jd1s0Y5wcQ1QgbVaAP5Q=w72",
	"min_sdk": "Varies with device",
	"market_url": "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana&referrer=utm_source%3D42matters.com%26utm_medium%3Dapi",
	"deep_link": "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana&referrer=utm_source%3D42matters.com%26utm_medium%3Dapi"

Last Modified: 2016-09-26

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