File Dump for Tencent Apps

42matters provides an enterprise data dump of Tencent App meta-data.

Dump Types

Sample Data Dump

Have a look at the daily-updated Top 10 Tencent Apps:

Data Format

Data is store in a single gzipped file with line delimited JSON with the following characteristics:

  • Each line is a valid JSON object
  • UTF-8 encoding
  • Line separator is '\n'

Access Credentials

In order to obtain your Access Credentials, please read the File Dumps page or contact us.

App Schema

Name Type Description Available in Dump
package_name String The app package name (unique identifier) STANDARD
title String App title STANDARD
description String Full app description STANDARD
short_desc String Short app description (promo text) STANDARD
category String The app category (human-readable string) STANDARD
category_en String The app category in English (human-readable string) STANDARD
cat_key String The app primary category key. Refer to the Tencent MyApp categories for more information. STANDARD
developer String App developer name STANDARD
what_is_new String 'What is new' message from the developer STANDARD
icon URL Full-sized icon. STANDARD
downloads String Total number of downloads STANDARD
market_update Date in ISO8601 extended format The last time the app was updated STANDARD
rating Double App rating (from 0 to 5, 5 highest) STANDARD
size Integer App size (in bytes, optional, if app has multiple versions) STANDARD
screenshots List of URLs List of app screenshots STANDARD
version String The current app version STANDARD
number_ratings Integer Total number of app ratings STANDARD
ratings_1 Integer Number of app ratings with 1 star STANDARD
ratings_2 Integer Number of app ratings with 2 stars STANDARD
ratings_3 Integer Number of app ratings with 3 stars STANDARD
ratings_4 Integer Number of app ratings with 4 stars STANDARD
ratings_5 Integer Number of app ratings with 5 stars STANDARD
lang Language code Default language for the app STANDARD
has_ads Boolean Flag whether the app has ads STANDARD
from_developer List of package names List of other apps from the same developer STANDARD
similar List of package names List of similar apps. STANDARD
permissions List of permission strings. Permission strings, in chinese. STANDARD
market_url URL A deep link to the app page on Tencent MyApp STANDARD

Last Modified: 2018-11-11

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