App Reviews API

Get app reviews data for an iOS app available on Apple App Store.




Hits per request:


Rate limit:


Required plan:

basic or above.


Name Required Description Available Values Default
access_token required Your access token for using this API. You can get it for FREE by signing up .
id required The app ID on the iTunes store - (e.g for Facebook the ID is 284882215). Existing App ID on iTunes Store
rating optional Filter reviews with a specific rating value. A valid integer number in the range 1 to 5, for example: 4
start_date optional Get reviews newer than this date. A valid date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, for example: 2016-05-24
end_date optional Get reviews older than this date. A valid date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, for example: 2016-05-30
days optional Set the date range from yesterday to the specified number of days in the past. This field overwrites start_date and end_date. 1-30 30 (if no start_date and end_date)
lang optional Return language-specific reviews. ID of Supported Languages
limit optional Number of reviews to return. 1-100 10
page optional Page based on the limit parameter, used for pagination. 1 - max pages. 1
callback optional If supplied, the response will use the JSONP format with a callback of the given name.


Status Code Indication Content-Type Body
200 Everything is OK application/json
Attribute Type Description
trackId String Numeric unique identifier for the app assigned by Apple
trackCensoredName String App title
sellerName String Seller company name (developer name)
userRatingCount Integer Number of ratings of the app for all versions
averageUserRating Double The average rating of the app for all versions (from 0 to 5, 5 highest)
artworkUrl512 URL Icon image with 512px square sizes
artworkUrl100 URL Icon image with 100px square sizes
formattedPrice String Price and currency of the app
trackViewUrl URL Link to the app on the Apple App Store
start_date Date A date in the format: yyyy-MM-dd
end_date Date A date in the format: yyyy-MM-dd
number_reviews Integer Number of reviews returned
total_reviews Integer Number of reviews available based on query/filters used
page Integer Current page
limit Integer Maximum number of reviews per page.
total_pages Integer Number of pages available based on "limit" parameter.
reviews Array of Objects Sorted list of reviews objects in the response. Each reviews contains: author_id, title, rating, lang, content, date, app_version.
404 The track id/bundle id is not found application/json Error object
402 Your request exceeds what's allowed by your current subscription plan application/json Error object
403 Your access token is not valid application/json Error object
429 Your request rate is over the limit application/json Error object

Example Request

Example Response

Last Modified: 2016-09-26

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