iOS App Object

Represents an iOS App Object in JSON format. Data is returned for country: US and language: English unless requested specifically for other stores and languages, rating values are available only for US.


Name Type Description
trackId Integer Numeric unique identifier for the app assigned by Apple
bundleId String Unique identifier for the app assigned by the developer.
market_source String Market Source
  • ITUNES - app is on the Apple App Store
  • MACOS - app is on the Mac App Store
market_status String Status on the market
  • PUBLISHED if the app is present
  • UNPUBLISHED if the app was unpublished
artistId String The app artistId
artistName String The app artist name (human-readable string)
physical_address Physical Address of developer (only if app also on GPlay) Physical address of the developer. Available in the STARTUP plan and higher.
artistViewUrl URL Link to the artist website
artworkUrl60 URL Icon image with 60px square sizes
artworkUrl100 URL Icon image with 100px square sizes
artworkUrl512 URL Icon image with 512px square sizes
averageUserRating Integer The average rating of the app for all versions
averageUserRatingForCurrentVersion Integer The rating of the app for the current version
userRatingCount Integer Number of ratings of the app for all versions
userRatingCountForCurrentVersion Integer Number of ratings of the app for current version
formattedPrice String Price and currency of the app
currency String The currency of the app price
price Double App price, numeric value, 0 if free
description String App description
fileSizeBytes String App size in bytes, can be parsed as long
fileSizeBytesNumeric Long App size in bytes
genreIds List List of numeric genreIds of the app
genres List List of genres of the app
screenshotUrls List of URLs List of URLs to the iPhone screenshots of the app (if available)
ipadScreenshotUrls List of URLs List of URLs to the iPad screenshots of the app (if available)
appletvScreenshotUrls List of URLs List of URLs to the Apple TV screenshots of the app (if available)
trackCensoredName String App title
trackViewUrl URL Link to the app on the Apple App Store.
primaryGenreId Integer Unique primary genre identifier. See App Store Genres for more information.
primaryGenreName String Name of the primary genre of the app
version String Current app version
releaseNotes String Release notes submitted by the developer for the current app version
iphone Boolean Does the app support iPhone
ipad Boolean Does the app support iPad
sellerName String Seller company name
sellerUrl URL Link to the seller company website
releaseDate Date Release Date of the app
isGameCenterEnabled Boolean Does the app support Game Center from Apple
contentAdvisoryRating String Advisory rating of the app content
trackContentRating String Advisory rating of the app content
languageCodesISO2A List of language codes Supported languages
advisories List of strings Advisories assigned by Apple
minimumOsVersion String (in version format) Minimum Operating System Version required for the app
features List of strings E.g. gameCenter, iosUniversal
isVppDeviceBasedLicensingEnabled Boolean Does the app support VPP distribution
currentVersionReleaseDate Date Date when the current version of the app was released
lang Language code The language for which the app metadata is returned based on the API request parameters.
i18n_lang Array of language codes Languages in which the app is translated according to the app developer.
unpublished_timestamp Date in ISO8601 extended format Date when the app has been unpublished from the market (if applicable).
app_availability Availability Object Country codes in which countries the app is available. Each Availability object contains "trackId", "bundleId", "available_in", "not_available_in" and "availability_unknown".
iab_v2 IAB Categories (v2.0) List of "declared_by_dev" or "inferred" IAB categories for each app. Available in the PROFESSIONAL plan and higher.

Example in JSON Format

	"contentAdvisoryRating": "4+",
	"supportedDevices": [
	"features": [
	"artworkUrl512": "",
	"releaseDate": "2009-12-11T08:00:00+00:00",
	"averageUserRatingForCurrentVersion": 3.5,
	"artistId": 298910979,
	"isVppDeviceBasedLicensingEnabled": true,
	"userRatingCountForCurrentVersion": 573,
	"fileSizeBytesNumeric": 161996800,
	"bundleId": "com.clickgamer.AngryBirds",
	"ipad": true,
	"app_availability": {
		"available_in": [
		"not_available_in": [
		"availability_unknown": [
		"trackId": 343200656,
		"bundleId": "com.clickgamer.AngryBirds"
	"trackId": 343200656,
	"review_analysis": {
		"total_reviews": 5096,
		"topics": [
				"positive": 0.50008212068242,
				"topic_name": "General Feedback",
				"negative": 0.49991787931758,
				"reviews": 1527,
				"average_rating": 4.4106090373281,
				"topic_id": "general_feedback",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.10982451093211
				"positive": 0.49652690601681,
				"topic_name": "Stability",
				"negative": 0.50347309398319,
				"reviews": 894,
				"average_rating": 1.824384787472,
				"topic_id": "stability",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.064298043728423
				"positive": 0.42273673256873,
				"topic_name": "Advertising",
				"negative": 0.57726326743127,
				"reviews": 691,
				"average_rating": 1.5137481910275,
				"topic_id": "advertising",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.049697928653625
				"positive": 0.4367570645583,
				"topic_name": "Update",
				"negative": 0.5632429354417,
				"reviews": 548,
				"average_rating": 2.2773722627737,
				"topic_id": "update",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.039413118527043
				"positive": 0.40682246362252,
				"topic_name": "Pricing & Payments",
				"negative": 0.59317753637748,
				"reviews": 433,
				"average_rating": 2.1963048498845,
				"topic_id": "pricing_payments",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.031142117376295
				"positive": 0.35975773889534,
				"topic_name": "User Interface & UX",
				"negative": 0.64024226110466,
				"reviews": 288,
				"average_rating": 2.9930555555556,
				"topic_id": "user_interface",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.020713463751438
				"positive": 0.32342356438625,
				"topic_name": "Resource Usage",
				"negative": 0.67657643561375,
				"reviews": 232,
				"average_rating": 2.2198275862069,
				"topic_id": "resource_usage",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.01668584579977
				"positive": 0.40412371133993,
				"topic_name": "Video",
				"negative": 0.59587628866007,
				"reviews": 107,
				"average_rating": 1.9626168224299,
				"topic_id": "video",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0076956271576525
				"positive": 0.44527854602876,
				"topic_name": "Audio",
				"negative": 0.55472145397124,
				"reviews": 96,
				"average_rating": 3.1770833333333,
				"topic_id": "audio",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0069044879171461
				"positive": 0.6556077510276,
				"topic_name": "Uninstall",
				"negative": 0.3443922489724,
				"reviews": 78,
				"average_rating": 1.525641025641,
				"topic_id": "uninstall",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0056098964326812
				"positive": 0.3478260869551,
				"topic_name": "Notifications & Alerts",
				"negative": 0.6521739130449,
				"reviews": 59,
				"average_rating": 2.0677966101695,
				"topic_id": "notification_alerts",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0042433831990794
				"positive": 0.53315649867374,
				"topic_name": "Signup & Login",
				"negative": 0.46684350132626,
				"reviews": 46,
				"average_rating": 2.7391304347826,
				"topic_id": "signup_experience",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0033084004602992
				"positive": 0.5487804878042,
				"topic_name": "Device Compatibility",
				"negative": 0.4512195121958,
				"reviews": 24,
				"average_rating": 3.3333333333333,
				"topic_id": "device_compatibility",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0017261219792865
				"positive": 0.249999999999,
				"topic_name": "Tutorial",
				"negative": 0.750000000001,
				"reviews": 24,
				"average_rating": 1.9166666666667,
				"topic_id": "tutorial",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0017261219792865
				"positive": 0.73770491803238,
				"topic_name": "Connectivity",
				"negative": 0.26229508196762,
				"reviews": 23,
				"average_rating": 2.2608695652174,
				"topic_id": "connectivity",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.0016542002301496
				"positive": 0.6,
				"topic_name": "Translation & Internationalization",
				"negative": 0.4,
				"reviews": 10,
				"average_rating": 4.3,
				"topic_id": "translation_internationalization",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.00071921749136939
				"positive": 0.57,
				"topic_name": "Privacy",
				"negative": 0.43,
				"reviews": 8,
				"average_rating": 2.125,
				"topic_id": "privacy",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.00057537399309551
				"positive": 0.81192660550459,
				"topic_name": "Location Services",
				"negative": 0.18807339449541,
				"reviews": 8,
				"average_rating": 2,
				"topic_id": "location_services",
				"reviews_percentage": 0.00057537399309551
		"number_topics": 18
	"version": "8.0.0",
	"iphone": true,
	"primaryGenreId": 6014,
	"price": 0,
	"primaryGenreName": "Games",
	"fileSizeBytes": "161996800",
	"languageCodesISO2A": [
	"isGameCenterEnabled": true,
	"trackCensoredName": "AB Classic",
	"genreIds": [
	"trackViewUrl": "",
	"releaseNotes": "We addressed some minor issues in order to improve the user experience. Thanks for playing, and keep popping those pigs!",
	"sellerUrl": "",
	"screenshotUrls": [
	"currentVersionReleaseDate": "2018-10-30T08:46:30+00:00",
	"userRatingCount": 826315,
	"trackContentRating": "4+",
	"i18n_lang": [
	"formattedPrice": "Free",
	"ipadScreenshotUrls": [
	"market_source": "ITUNES",
	"artistViewUrl": "",
	"currency": "USD",
	"averageUserRating": 4.5,
	"description": "The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs' defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

\n\nFEATURES:\n– Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay.\n– Play all 15 original Angry Birds episodes – over 680 levels! \n– Compete against other players in the Mighty League.\n– Boost your birds' destructive strength with powerups.\n– Download and play for free!\n– Play offline!\n\n\n------\nHAVING TROUBLE? Head over to where you can browse FAQs or submit a request to our support flock!\n-----\n\nTerms of Use:
\nPrivacy Policy:
\n\nThis application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.\n\nThis game may include:\n- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.\n- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.\n- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.\n- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.",
	"artworkUrl100": "",
	"artistName": "Rovio Entertainment Oyj",
	"minimumOsVersion": "8.0",
	"artworkUrl60": "",
	"sellerName": "Rovio Entertainment Oyj",
	"genres": [
	"lang": "en",
	"market_status": "PUBLISHED"

Last Modified: 2018-11-11

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