File Dump for App Store Top Charts

42matters provides a daily file dump of all App Store Top Charts. Historical data is also available.

Data Types

App Store Top Charts are dumped to a file on a daily basis. Each file dump contains more than 14000 charts for a total of 55 countries in all genres and list types. Lists include only app ids. For more information about available list types, genres, etc. refer to App Store Top Charts API Docs.

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Access Credentials

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Sample Data Dump

Have a look at the daily-updated preview top charts: Download data sample

App Store Top Chart Schema

Attribute Type Description
app_list Array List of top app ids as seen on Apple App Store
list_name String The top list name returned
device_type String The device type for this list
primaryGenreId String Primary Genre Id for the list
primaryGenreName String Human-readable genre name
country String The selected country code
date Date List date

Example in JSON Format (shortened)

    "list_name": "topselling_free",
    "app_list": [
            "trackId": 542511686,
            "rank": 1
            "trackId": 1094591345,
            "rank": 2
            "trackId": 490217893,
            "rank": 3
            "trackId": 377298193,
            "rank": 4
            "trackId": 361285480,
            "rank": 5
            "trackId": 361304891,
            "rank": 6
            "trackId": 361309726,
            "rank": 7
            "trackId": 408709785,
            "rank": 8
            "trackId": 544007664,
            "rank": 9
    "primaryGenreId": 36,
    "device_type": "ipad",
    "country": "US",
    "date": "09-08-2016",
    "primaryGenreName": "Mobile Software Applications"

Last Modified: 2017-10-30

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