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Privacy Matters: How One Firm Leveraged 42matters to Launch a Unique Data Privacy Service7 min read

A consulting firm based in the United States uses 42matters’ mobile app intelligence to deliver comprehensive data privacy services.

NEW: App Compliance Insights on the 42matters Explorer5 min read

Use the 42matters Explorer to check whether apps signal adherence to data protection regulations like COPPA, GDPR-K, and the UK’s Children’s Code.

‘Gas’ Downloads Drop 98% Following Discord Acquisition3 min read

Back in October, we covered the rise of Gas, a compliments-based social media app for teens. In particular, we noted that the app surpassed 2.5 million downloads just two months after its August release. Well, Gas was officially acquired by Discord a couple weeks back. So, out of curiosity, we took a look at how the app has performed since we first covered it at the tail-end of last year. Here’s what we found (click the links to jump to the relevant sections): * Daily Downloads for Gas Are


Meet the 42matters Team at MWC Barcelona 2023!3 min read

We’re heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023! If you want to pick our brains about using mobile and connected TV (CTV) app intelligence to improve ad targeting, B2B lead generation, enterprise security, and more — set up a meeting with our team! From February 27th to March 2nd, the mobile industry will convene in Barcelona, Spain, to discuss the universe of mobile communications. As the world’s largest gathering of mobile industry professionals, this year’s iteration of MWC

UPDATED: Monthly Downloads Filter3 min read

We’ve improved the Explorer’s monthly downloads filter! Now, you can use it to view app downloads over the last three, six, or twelve months.

Streaming Wars: Paramount+ Climbs Apple’s Top Charts4 min read

Paramount+ closed out 2022 strong, recording 1,773,762 monthly active users in the United States and rocketing up the App Store’s top charts.

TikTok Flourishes in the US, Despite Government Ban5 min read

TikTok continues to thrive in the United States, despite new legislation from the House of Representatives banning the app on government issued devices.

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REPORT: The State of Connected TV (CTV) App Stores 20231 min read

In The State of Connected TV (CTV) App Stores 2023, we track CTV app growth trends, the top CTV categories, the top CTV apps, and the top CTV publishers.

Social Commerce App Temu Nearing 25M U.S. Downloads4 min read

Temu, a Chinese social commerce app, is nearing 25 million downloads in the United States, just four months after its release. Here are the numbers.

These Are the Top Weight Loss Apps Heading Into 20233 min read

Ready to achieve your 2023 fitness goals? These are the best weight loss apps on the market heading into the New Year, according to our app intelligence.

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7 Ways Ad Networks Can Improve Ad Performance With 42matters’ App Data6 min read

Ad networks can leverage 42matters’ app intelligence to improve mobile and connected TV (CTV) ad performance. In this article, we walk you through seven of the most popular techniques.

App Market Stats 2023: Google Play vs the iOS App Store1 min read

With 2023 on the horizon, we checked in on the app market’s biggest rivalry: Android versus iOS. Google Play versus the Apple App Store.

Streaming Wars: Has Prime Video Overtaken Netflix?4 min read

Despite reports that Amazon Prime Video has surpassed Netflix in terms of paid subscribers, Netflix still dominates the U.S. mobile streaming space.

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13 Ways Ad Networks Combat Ad Fraud Using 42matters App Data9 min read

In this article, we will highlight 13 ways ad networks can use mobile and connected TV (CTV) app data and intelligence to combat ad fraud.

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13 Ways Ad Networks Can Improve Mobile and CTV App Publisher Onboarding10 min read

App publisher onboarding is an important process for mobile and connected TV (CTV) ad networks. Not only do they need the most up-to-date data possible to ensure that the process is straightforward and frictionless for app developers, but they also need highly granular intelligence to facilitate sophisticated ad targeting and high ROI ad placements down the road. In this article, we go over 13 ways ad networks can leverage our mobile and CTV app intelligence to simplify and optimize app publis

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