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BeReal Surpasses 50,000,000 Global Downloads in 20224 min read

French social media app ‘BeReal’ has surged in recent months. Billed as the ‘anti-Instagram,’ the app has generated 50M downloads thus far in 2022.

The State of the App Economy and App Markets in 202214 min read

The state of the app economy and app markets 2022. We take a look at which categories, publishers, apps, and SDKs have been dominating the mobile app landscape.

Robinhood Downloads Down 97% Ahead of Web3 Wallet Beta Launch4 min read

Downloads for the commission-free investment app ‘Robinhood’ are down 97% from their 2021 peak. Nevertheless, ratings and MAUs remain strong.

App Watchlist

Starlink Is Active on All Continents and Nearing 2M Downloads in 20223 min read

According to Elon Musk, Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica. So, we decided to take a look at the app’s global performance.

NEW: App Watchlist ASO6 min read

We’ve added an App Store Optimization (ASO) feature to the 42matters App Watchlist! Now, you’ll be able to use the App Watchlist to monitor keyword rankings for all the apps you track.

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UXCam Supercharges the Lead Lifecycle with 42matters5 min read

UXCam uses 42matters’ app intelligence to facilitate the lead lifecycle, gain competitor insights, launch informed ABM campaigns, and more.

Let’s Discuss AdTech SDK Intelligence at DMEXCO 2022!5 min read

Our team will be in Cologne, Germany from September 21st - 22nd, attending DMEXCO 2022, Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech event.

The Elon Musk Effect: Fasting App ‘Zero’ Rockets Up U.S. Top Charts3 min read

The Elon Musk Effect is real, folks. With just two tweets, the mercurial ‘Technoking’ of Tesla turned the intermittent fasting app ‘Zero’ into an overnight sensation.

Ad Tech

COPPA, GDPR-K, UK’s Children’s Code: What Are They? And How to Be Compliant?8 min read

COPPA was designed to foster secure digital environments for kids. Here’s what Ad Tech companies need to know about the regulation to stay COPPA compliant.

Are U.S. Neobanks in Trouble?3 min read

Neobanks have been in the news a lot recently; and not always for great reasons. So, we wanted to check back in on the U.S. neobank landscape.


Give These YouTube Developers a Raise2 min read

This week, an eagle-eyed member of the 42matters sales team brought it to our attention that YouTube’s iOS app development team has not only explored the edges of the known universe and repaired the space-time continuum, but has also managed to upload even moar cat videos to the platform.

WhatsApp and Signal Combine for 600M+ Downloads Despite Struggles3 min read

Despite a bad news cycle, WhatsApp and Signal continue to perform well on app stores, pulling in a combined 600 million downloads in 2022.

Let’s Discuss Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence at DMEXCO 2022!3 min read

From September 21st - 22nd, our team will be in Cologne, Germany attending DMEXCO 2022, Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech event.

TikTok May Be Launching a Music Streaming Service, Here’s the Competition…3 min read

It appears TikTok is preparing to launch a music streaming service. According to Business Insider, the company’s Beijing-based parent company ByteDance filed a U.S. trademark application for ‘TikTok Music’ back in May. ByteDance’s filing describes a pretty straightforward social media streaming platform. TikTok Music will let users purchase, play, share, and download music. Moreover, it will allow users to create, share, and recommend playlists, comment on music, and livestream both audio and v

Top Netflix Games on Google Play, Apple App Store3 min read

Last November, Netflix announced they were getting into the business of mobile games. Shortly thereafter, they launched five games on Google Play and the Apple App Store available to Netflix subscribers only.

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