User Profiling by File Upload

Upload the apps your mobile users have installed and receive their demographics segmentation and interests in batch.

Prepare the input csv file

The input csv file must have the following 4 columns:

  • user_id: The advertising id or any unique identifier of your choice
  • app_id: The app package name on Android
  • platform: android (at the moment, we only support Android)
  • country: The two-character country code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
Each line represents one app an user has installed.

Input file: The Android User 'user1' has Facebook and Pinterest.

Note: maximum 10,000 users allowed. If you need more, please contact us.

Upload and receive profiles

The process normally takes half an hour after you uploaded the input file, and an email will be sent once the results are ready.

You will be provided with a report csv file and a profiles csv file. The report file lists how many users are assigned to each segment. The profiles file lists each assignment line by line: user, segment name, and segment id. Please refer to our taxonomy for supported segments.


Output file: Profiles with users assigned to segment female. 'user1' is a female user.

Since the input is not always statistically significant to help users' segmentation, we only return results with a high confidence level. That means you would not receive segments for all users you uploaded, only the ones we are very certain about.

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Last Modified: 2017-10-30

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