42 Mobile App Market Statistics That Matter in 2021

With the mobile app market on pace to crack 935.2 billion US dollars [https://bit.ly/33caszc] in worldwide revenue by 2023, we thought we’d take a closer look at the state of the mobile app industry. So, we’ve curated a list of 42 mobile app market statistics that matter in 2021. To jump to a particular section, click the links below: * Top 5 Mobile App Market Statistics * Top Google Play Statistics * Top Apple App Store Statistics * Top Amazon Appstore Statistics * Top 3 Most Downloaded ... Read more

Top Trending iOS & Android Mobile Games in the United States

Mobile games are big business. According to the folks over at Business of Apps, it was one of the strongest performing industries in 2020, generating an astonishing $77.2 billion [https://bit.ly/3oBalVh] in revenue over the course of a pandemic-stricken year. Additionally, in the United States, there were more than 147 million mobile gamers [https://bit.ly/34nO8Dp] in 2020 alone, with approximately 10 million gamers expected to join the party over the next five years. In other words, there’s a ... Read more

New: iOS-Related Product Upgrades

API File Dumps Explorer

We’ve added a whole bunch of new iOS-related product upgrades. These include access to country-specific app rating counts, privacy policy URLs, data privacy labels, high-resolution screenshot URLs, similar apps, and iOS app subtitles. Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been hard at work improving our various products and solutions. Just last week, for instance, we announced that our app-ads.txt file dump now includes intelligence on LG and Samsung connected TV (CTV) apps [https://42matters.com/... Read more

NEW: App-ads.txt for LG and Samsung Connected TV (CTV) Apps

API CTV File Dumps

We’ve added LG and Samsung connected TV (CTV) apps App-Ads.txt file dump. Now, with 42matters, you’ll have access to app-ads.txt insights for all CTV apps available on the LG Content Store and Samsung Smart TV Apps. A few weeks back we launched two new file dumps [https://bit.ly/3GEYk7w] for CTV apps: File Dump for LG TV Apps and File Dump for Samsung TV Apps. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our LG TV and Samsung TV solutions. Indeed, our File Dump of App-Ads.txt for Mobil... Read more

NEW: Use Postman to Query Google Play and Apple's App Store

API Postman

We now provide easy Postman integration for all API request examples listed in our documentation. This includes the ability to use Postman to query all iOS apps available on the Apple App Store and Android apps available on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and Tencent MyApp. Since the beginning of 2021, we here at 42matters have been hard at work adding new features to our APIs and file dumps, as well as broadening our app market Explorer offerings. Already, a mere three months into the year, ... Read more

Top Trending VPN Apps for iOS & Android in the United States

You’d be hard pressed to spend more than five minutes online without coming across an ad for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Indeed, while VPNs have been around for the better part of three decades, companies like ExpressVPN and NordVPN have enjoyed astonishing success over just the last five-to-ten years. This is due in large part to the continued flourishing of digital life — and all the cybersecurity threats that come with it. With this in mind, we here at 42matters decided to take a look a... Read more

Download the New 42matters Mobile Security Datasheet

Check out our latest datasheet on how companies are leveraging our app intelligence to bolster their mobile security solutions; detect malware; streamline Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM ) practices; detect suspicious software development kits (SDKs) and required capabilities; and more! To download the datasheet, fill out the form below:... Read more

The Top Streaming Platform Newcomers

The streaming wars are upon us. While services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon have long represented the vanguard of the industry, a number of newcomers have begun to turn some heads, portending potentially seismic realignments in the digital streaming market. And these aren’t small names, either. Indeed, as heavy hitters like Disney, NBC, HBO, Paramount, and Apple continue to roll-out revamped digital offerings, it’s tough not to recall that old line from the Who: “Meet the new boss, s... Read more

10 Trending Productivity Apps in 2021

Coronavirus caught everyone off guard. Fortunately, in our increasingly digital world, adapting to “new normals” has never been easier. In-person meetings were swapped out for video calls on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other platforms; trade shows and conventions were conducted via webinar tools like ON24 and GoToWebinar; and water cooler chit-chat moved from break rooms to #random Slack channels and other productivity apps. But digitization has pushed productivity even further. While apps like ... Read more

GameStop Fallout: Winners, Losers, and the State of Play

Back in January, social media was abuzz with talk of “memestocks,” Wall Street Bets, and GameStop. You couldn’t throw a stone into a socially-distanced supermarket without beaning an expert on Short Selling in the head, or knocking the tinfoil hat off a techno-populist CEO, or taking out vast swathes of fussy contrarians eager to pontificate on the regulatory capital requirements of commission-free investing apps. That said, while we recapped the whole story [https://42matters.com/blog/?p=how-g... Read more

NEW: Download Estimates API, Changelog API, Historical Plan

API Explorer

We’ve released two new APIs and launched the “Historical Plan.” Now, with 42matters, you’ll have programmatic API access to both app download estimates and changelogs. In addition, our APIs now offer access to historical data. Over the last couple months, we’ve been hard at work improving the 42matters product set, adding 11 new products and features to the line up. Last week, our development team launched two new file dumps for connected TV (CTV) apps: File Dump for LG TV Apps and File Dump ... Read more

NEW: Connected TV App File Dumps for LG TV and Samsung TV

File Dumps CTV

We’ve developed two new connected TV (CTV) file dumps. Now, with 42matters, you’ll have access to app intelligence for both LG TV and Samsung TV apps. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been hard at work here at 42matters. This past Tuesday, for instance, we announced the arrival of the 42matters SDK Explorer [https://bit.ly/3gxig1h], the latest in a string of new products and features dating back to early January. But we’re just getting started! Indeed, today, it’s our pleasure to announce the a... Read more

NEW: Introducing the SDK Explorer from 42matters

Explorer SDK Explorer

We’ve launched the 42matters SDK Explorer! Now, you’ll be able to browse the mobile software development kit (SDK) landscape, gaining insight into SDK developers, app category market share, and a variety of other metrics. Last week, we kicked things off by announcing the Explorer’s new app export history [https://bit.ly/3JjFTad] feature. This was the latest in a series of eight(!) product updates dating back to the beginning of 2021. These include: iOS Content Advisories [https://42matters.com... Read more

What’s up With Clubhouse, the Mysterious Audio Chat App?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only drop-in audio social networking app. Launched in April 2020, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the app first gained widespread notoriety after Elon Musk was interviewed on Good Time, a show broadcast over the Clubhouse app. Over the last few months, there’s been a groundswell of conversation across social media concerning a mysterious new app called Clubhouse. Now, the mystery is easy to explain. Clubhouse is invitation only, it’s currently availab... Read more

NEW: App Export History via the 42matters Explorer


We’ve added a new feature to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you’ll be able to view your app export history for all iOS and Android queries conducted on the Explorer platform. A few weeks ago, we launched a spate of new features on the 42matters Explorer platform. One such feature was Precision App Exports [https://bit.ly/3gAYP80], which gave you more control over the number of iOS and Android apps you export from our database. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken this feature one... Read more

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