The latest intelligence from the world of mobile and connected TV (CTV) apps.

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13 Ways Ad Networks Combat Ad Fraud Using 42matters App Data9 min read

In this article, we will highlight 13 ways ad networks can use mobile and connected TV (CTV) app data and intelligence to combat ad fraud.

Use CasesAd Tech

13 Ways Ad Networks Can Improve Mobile and CTV App Publisher Onboarding10 min read

App publisher onboarding is an important process for mobile and connected TV (CTV) ad networks. Not only do they need the most up-to-date data possible to ensure that the process is straightforward and frictionless for app developers, but they also need highly granular intelligence to facilitate sophisticated ad targeting and high ROI ad placements down the road. In this article, we go over 13 ways ad networks can leverage our mobile and CTV app intelligence to simplify and optimize app publis

Downloads Plummet for FTX, BlockFi, and Other Crypto Apps4 min read

FTX fallout continues to rock the crypto world, claiming BlockFi as its latest victim. So, we analyzed demand trends for crypto-related mobile apps.

Klarna Dominates the DACH BNPL Market, Riverty Is Rising3 min read

Black Friday is back! So, we analyzed the most exciting “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) apps in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Here’s what we found…

How to Increase Your CTV App Inventory with Best-fit App Publishers8 min read

CTV advertising is exploding. Here’s how you can improve CTV advertising by increasing your CTV app inventory with best-fit app publishers.

SNEAK PEAK: Huawei AppGallery File Dump from 42matters2 min read

We’ve developed a new file dump for Huawei’s AppGallery. Soon, with 42matters, you’ll have access to app intelligence for all Huawei apps and games.

The Elon Musk Effect: Mastodon Downloads Up Nearly 4 Million Percent as Users Flee Twitter4 min read

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter. Now, millions of users are turning to alternatives like Mastodon, which has been downloaded 650,739 times this week.

The Klarna Creator App Is Trending in Some Unexpected Countries4 min read

With a new wave of retail-focused creator platforms set to hit app stores, we decided to analyze the performance of Klarna Creator. Here’s what we found.

Social Networking App ‘Gas’ Is Closing in on 2.5 Million Downloads Just 2 Months After Launch4 min read

Two months after release, Gas, a viral social media app encouraging users to interact without direct messaging, is closing in on 2.5 million downloads.

VUZ, which raised $20 million in Series B funding, surpasses 750,000 downloads in 20224 min read

Immersive social media app ‘VUZ’ has raised $20 million to scale its business. So, we analyzed the app’s performance in 2022. Here’s what we found.

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42 Connected TV (CTV) Stats That Matter in 20225 min read

Connected TV (CTV) and digital streaming platforms have caused a realignment in the entertainment industry. Here are 42 CTV stats that matter in 2022.

The OG App: Does Anyone Actually Miss the ‘Old Instagram’?3 min read

‘The OG App,’ an Instagram client promising an ad-free and suggestion-free feed has been removed from app stores. We dig into the numbers.

BeReal Surpasses 50,000,000 Global Downloads in 20224 min read

French social media app ‘BeReal’ has surged in recent months. Billed as the ‘anti-Instagram,’ the app has generated 50M downloads thus far in 2022.

The State of the App Economy and App Markets in 202214 min read

The state of the app economy and app markets 2022. We take a look at which categories, publishers, apps, and SDKs have been dominating the mobile app landscape.

Robinhood Downloads Down 97% Ahead of Web3 Wallet Beta Launch4 min read

Downloads for the commission-free investment app ‘Robinhood’ are down 97% from their 2021 peak. Nevertheless, ratings and MAUs remain strong.

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